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Either one of you guys wished upon a star or magic-sprinkling fairies truly do exist, because a bunch of the best Disney princesses are making a return to the big screen. And no, we're not talking about yet another live-action reboot, we're talking actual originals in their rightful, animated (though digitally enhanced) forms. Take that, 2017, you miserable fiend!

From September 15 on, AMC theaters will sweep their wands across the nation to bring you the opportunity to see five dazzling tales in the cinema again! While some of the movies showing — Tangled, The Princess and the Frog, Brave — were released within the last decade, it's especially exciting to note that there are two classics in mix; classics that were released back in the '90s, which will provide a special experience for every young Disney fan today who was either too minute or but a concept the first time around.

The run down — with some of the best clips from each thrown in for good measure — is as follows:

Beauty And The Beast (1991)

  • When: Sept. 15–21

Mulan (1998)

  • When: Sept. 22–28

Tangled (2010)

  • When: Sept. 29–Oct. 5

The Princess And The Frog (2009)

  • When: Oct. 6–12

Brave (2012)

  • When: Oct. 13–19

Tickets are available to buy now via AMC Theaters.

Who's your favorite Disney princess?


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