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The latest trend in Princess is turning the ladies into plus-size beauties. Jonquel Norwood, a plus-size fashion designer and illustrator, takes this to the next logical step by turning the Princesses into plus-size models wearing the latest in full-figure couture.

The seven curvy fashionista princesses she has envisioned here are wearing designs inspired by full-figured fashion brands like Lane Bryant, Courtney Noelle and Society+. Snow White dons a LB bomber jacket and a S+ cage top. Ariel's dress is a Noelle-inspired bit of fashion inspiration.

With 67 percent of American woman being above a size 14, Underwood realizes that now is the time for all princesses in-training to embrace more body positive images. It is time for girls to learn that "magic has no size." In an interview with Bustle, Norwood notes:

"I was body shammed most of my life and [...] like most, I believed I had to slim down in order to truly be a member of society. I wanted to do my part to make sure no little girl felt the way I did about fashion. Fashion didn’t belong to me."

"I believe glam has nothing to do with size and everyone has the right to it."

It's time that girls learn that beauty and fashion belong to everyone. Check out the Disney Princesses below in all their plus-size glamor:

1. Ariel

2. Aurora

3. Belle

4. Cinderella

5. Jasmine

6. Snow White

7. Tiana

Have you considered what other important life lessons we've learned from Disney?

Let me know your favorites in the comments section.



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