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has a habit of turning happy, friendly things from my childhood into dark and twisted nightmares. In One Hour Photo he took , who in my mind was purely associated with the Aladdin Genie and Mrs. Doubtfire, and turned him into a creepy and obsessive photo technician. I've not looked at him the same since. It seems Romanek had something similar in mind for an upcoming live-action Cinderella adaptation, though Disney have now stepped in to put an end to his plans.

Deadline reports that the director had come up against immovable creative differences at Disney. Romanek planned to re-imagine the original children's tale into something much darker and uncompromising. Indeed, it was starting to sound pretty good. was set to take on the role of the evil step-mother, while , and had all been considered for the titular role.

However, Romenek's vision has been rejected by Disney who preferred a lighter and more accessible tone. The movie will still go ahead, however, as Disney are currently trying to find a new director to take the helm. We can assume for the time being any casting details remain locked in. Indeed, Disney are attempting to remain true to the production schedule they developed with Romanek. This would see shooting commencing this summer with an aim for a 2014 release.

This isn't the first time Romanek has abandoned a project over creative disputes. He also withdrew from The Wolfman after Universal also took issue with his darker direction. In the end came on to finish the job, and ironically, the film was still pretty dark and bloody, although probably not as good.

Personally, I was looking forward to a darker, more adult re-imagining of Cinderella. We already have the original Disney animated classic. Nothing can surpass that for a family audience, so why not try to make something new and interesting, as opposed to a simple live-action adaption?

What do you guys think? Would you rather have Romanek's darker version, or do you agree with Disney? Let us know below. If you want to be updated with Cinderella's new director (if/when they arrive) make sure to hit [[follow]] to get the news as soon as it breaks!


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