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Unlike the Olsens, we've talked at length about how about how - the other Winlevoss twin - just can't win. That's especially true since his latest film, director 's The Lone Ranger, lost Disney a lot of money. Like, to the tune of $190 million. Yikes. Hammer and the guy that shouldn't have been cast as Tonto, , may be blaming the critics, but the fact of the matter is that it's just a mediocre movie. Made for $250 million. And Disney has taken notice, putting super producer in their Mickey-approved crosshairs.

The Wrap recently reported that even though the studio's contract with Bruckheimer is up for renegotiation next year, Disney is planning on lowering the budget for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie and stripping away his authority over the final cut. This is all surprising as well considering the script isn't even finished yet.

I think this is the first time in the history of forever that anyone has attempted to maintain power over Bruckheimer. It'll be interesting to see how the directors of the new project - and - deal with the drama going on at Disney. If I were them, I'd definitely just be saying things like, "Hey! Star Wars!" whenever anyone complains about money being lost. It'll all work out in the end! That is, unless we have that whole -level blockbuster implosion that and were talking about.

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