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One of the world's wealthiest media conglomerates is about to get a whole lot richer. It's been a stellar year for , who've managed to put out hit after hit for 2016 — and they're not done yet.

Despite BFG and Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass bombing spectacularly, Disney have absolutely killed it this year with Zootopia and The Jungle Book. And with skyrocketing ticket sales for and beating Universal's domestic box office record, they're set to take the global as well.

Rogue One [Lucasfilm]
Rogue One [Lucasfilm]

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Crunching The Numbers

Universal's just managed to beat in 2015, earning the studio $2.45 billion in domestic box office sales and $6.89 billion in global sales.

However, Disney are closing in on Universal: They've beaten their domestic record with $2.49 billion, and are closing in on the global marker with $6.49 billion global sales. That's just $400 million to go! Can they take the gold?

Moana [Disney]
Moana [Disney]

Everything's Coming Up Disney

$400 million seems like a lot of money to make in less than a month, but things are looking very good for Disney. Moana has clocked up $177 million global box office sales so far, and box office tracking estimates Rogue One to make $130 million on opening.

While those numbers are nearly $100 million shy of the $400 million needed, keep in mind that it's still early days yet; not to mention to success of the last release.

The Force Awakens made $248 million on its opening weekend last year, which added up to $2.1 billion globally. Of course, Rogue One most likely won't be quite as successful, but Disney almost definitely have nothing to worry about.

Rogue One opens December 15— have you got your tickets yet?

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