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Ever since 2001, Disneyland shuts down its widely popular Haunted Mansion ride around September to give it a quick makeover. While still technically the Haunted Mansion ride, it has a new theme: Tim Burton's extremely popular The Nightmare Before Christmas.

But this year, Disney has shaken things up a little bit, adding a new set piece to the ride: a massive gingerbread house on the ballroom table, accompanied by the terrifyingly evil Oogie Boogie.

[Credit: Disney Parks]
[Credit: Disney Parks]

This house itself stands at just about six feet tall, while Oogie Boogie stands at seven feet. Interestingly enough, the gingerbread house has its own story, as told by associate art director for Disney Parks Tim Wollweber:

“The gingerbread mansion this year has a bug problem – gingerbread bugs! But it’s not a problem that a gingerbread Oogie Boogie can’t fix. He pried open the roof of the gingerbread mansion and has his fork at the ready, happy to fix the infestation in the only way he would – by eating them. But quite a few bugs have gotten loose and are rampaging across the ballroom table, tormenting the gingerbread zombies there, who are forced to defend themselves with silverware!"

Wollwebber also adds that there are more than 70 bugs scurrying around the table, as well as the entire ballroom.

[Credit: Disney Parks]
[Credit: Disney Parks]

Believe it or not, the gingerbread house is made of actual gingerbread — 200 pounds of it, to be exact. It also includes 200 pounds of powdered sugar, 30 pounds of white chocolate and 50 pounds of fondant, just to name a few ingredients. You can get an even better look from the video below:

Because The Nightmare Before Christmas covers both Halloween and Christmas, the Haunted Mansion ride is set to keep this theme open throughout the holiday season. In January 2018, it'll be transformed back to the normal ride.

So, if you want to check it out in person, you have a few months to do so. And if you can't get to Disneyland this year, you can always build your own The Nightmare Before Christmas gingerbread house:

Have you ever been on the holiday version of the Haunted Mansion ride? Sound off in the comments below!

{Source: Disney Parks Blog}


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