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Disneyland is a place of joy, where families from across the world visit to enjoy a fun time among their favorite Disney characters. But recently, raging wildfires across California have ravaged the land and transformed the once beautiful blue sky into a horrifying backdrop for those who came to visit the House of Mouse theme park.

While the wildfires were contained mostly in the northern part of the state, shifting winds caused the flames to move south, and the skies looked like there were on fire. Despite the fires, Disneyland remained open to patrons, and many of the customers took pictures of the park, which now looks like an apocalyptic nightmare.

The Skies Over Disneyland Look Like Something From A Nightmare

As seen in the Instagram post from Junior Olivas above, the smoke from the California wildfire has enveloped the sky and the orange hue from the fires has given the park an ominous feel. As the fire proceeded south, more ash and smoke littered the sky, as the orange hues turned darker.

People across social media began to share their pictures. In a photo from Twitter user @Iheartnate, you can see the sun, but its brightness can hardly penetrate the sheer amount of ash and smoke that laid heavy over California. Fox Sports reporter Amanda Busick snapped a photo of Disneyland’s picturesque castle, which she compared to Disney’s Halloween promotional image:

Even though the skies were dark over Disneyland, that didn’t stop parkgoers from visiting. In fact, the eerie imagery perhaps added to the Halloween decorations that are already in place all over the park.

While the skies over Disneyland are fascinating, the wildfire raging north of the park is one of the worst the state has seen in years. On Sunday night, the winds picked up to 50 mph, which caused the fire to shift direction — but by Tuesday night, the winds had died down and the evacuations halted in Anaheim, Tustin and Orange County.

According to USA Today, 1,100 firefighters gained the upper hand against the blaze that was moving towards Southern California, although it scorched over 8,000 acres of land, destroyed 13 houses and damaged 21 more. While the fire is contained, rescue workers insist that the fire is not extinguished.

(Source: USA Today)


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