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Forgotten Disney space movie, Flight of the Navigator is getting remade. You may never have heard of it, you may have reached remake saturation, but it is happening anyway. The 1986 science fiction adventure movie originally starred the voice of Paul "Pee-Wee Herman" Reubens, as well as featuring a young Sarah Jessica Parker and a whole lot of dodgy CGI.

Flight of the Navigator may not be the most applauded or well-known movie ever, but it sure fits in with the run of Eighties nostalgia we've had recently with Stranger Things and IT. The aesthetic of Flight of the Navigator definitely fits in with other movies of the era — and it also looks similar to the recent spate of shows and films that mimic the Eighties' neon hues. Check out the trailer for the original movie:

Flight of the Navigator is a fairly dark story about a young boy who is abducted by a sentient alien spaceship. This craft is on an anthropological mission to collect samples of life from different solar systems. There's some peculiar time travel, destruction of alien races, and the Beach Boys — of course.

Now, the Jim Henson company is producing a remake for Lionsgate, with Joe Henderson penning the script. Henderson is known for showrunning supernatural fantasy show Lucifer, and for working on White Collar, Graceland, and Almost Human.

In 2009, Brad Copeland (of Arrested Development fame) was hired by to pen the script for a Flight of the Navigator remake. After a few years of the project languishing in development hell, Disney hired Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly to redraft the script in 2012, with Trevorrow potentially directing — but this also fell through. Will this new remake become just the latest in a string of scripts that have failed to get off the ground in the attempt to remake this nostalgic classic? Or will we actually get to see the finished project this time around?

There's no word yet on how the original flick will be updated, whether it will stay firmly in the Eighties or move into a modern setting. The filmmakers also won't be getting the original lead, Joey Cramer, to cameo as he was arrested and jailed for robbery in 2016.

Are you excited for a remake of Flight Of The Navigator, or have you had enough of constant reboots?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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