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There's no doubt that Moana, Disney's new animated musical adventure set in the South Pacific, will be making waves when it sails into theaters this Thanksgiving. This CG-animated story tells the tale of Moana, a young girl and heiress to a kingdom in the South Pacific over 1,000 years ago.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the trailer now:

You've probably already heard that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is on board, and maybe you even heard Lin-Manuel Miranda singing in the trailer. But who are the rest of these new heroes, and which stars will be bringing them to life? Wade into the list below to get to know the cast of Moana.

1. Moana Waialiki — Auli'i Cravalho

  • Who is she? The daughter of Chief Tui and heir to the kingdom of Motunui. That's right — she's the newest Disney princess!!!

  • What's she like? She's got an adventurous spirit, and a deep fascination with the ancient legends of the South Pacific. She also has a mystical relationship with the Ocean itself, and has long harbored a dream of becoming a wayfinder that voyages out on the sea to make new discoveries.

2. Maui — Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

  • Who is he? A demi-god

  • What's he like? Maui was born a human, but raised by gods, and has incredible powers like shape-shifting and an enormous fish hook with magical abilities of its own. Once, Maui was one of the most revered figures in Oceania, until his actions led to a massive crisis that put Motunui and its inhabitants in jeopardy. This demi-god has something to prove.

3. Sina — Nicole Scherzinger

  • Who is she? Moana's mother and the wife of Chief Tui

  • What's she like? Sina is kind and loving, and supportive of her daughter. She often tries to help ease the tension between her daughter and her husband's conflicting opinions.

4. Chief Tui — Temuera Morrison

  • Who is he? Moana's father and the chief of Motunui

  • What's he like? Chief Tui is a strong leader that wants to protect his people and his family. However, he's afraid of the open sea and forbids the citizens of Motunui from traveling beyond the outer reef of the island. He wants Moana to follow in his footsteps and lead the people of Motunui after his time as leader comes to an end.

5. Hei Hei The Rooster — Alan Tudyk

  • Who is he? An exceedingly stupid rooster

  • What's he like? Hei Hei accidentally stows away on Maui and Moana's ship, and gets dragged along for the adventure.

6. Tamatoa — Jemaine Clement

  • Who is he? A monstrous, villainous coconut crab

  • What's he like? The antagonist of the story, Tamatoa is a giant, self-involved creature from Lalotai, an island full of monsters. He's got an ego as big as his shell, and loves collecting shining bits of gold and sticking them to his shell. He's also got a dry sense of humor that's sure to be a hit with the older audience.

7. Gramma Tala — Rachel House

  • Who is she? Moana's grandmother

  • What's she like? Moana and her Gramma Tala both share a special relationship with the Ocean. Some people in the village dismiss Tala as crazy, but she actually knows a great deal about the history of the South Pacific, as well as the looming darkness that's threatening the people there. She encourages Moana to use her wayfinding talents to save Motunui.

8. A Villager — Phillipa Soo

While there's no information yet about her character beyond the fact that she's a villager, the Hamilton leading lady will round out the cast of Moana. Fingers crossed she's a big enough character to have her own song!

Moana hits theaters on November 23!


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