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When I was growing up, most queer cinema consisted of campy comedies and butch/femme stereotyping — not that there's anything wrong with that for the most part, I would argue But I'm A Cheerleader is the greatest movie of all time. But since Moonlight won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Carol drew universal acclaim from the mainstream, well-written LGBT-themed drama has been on the rise.

Bring on 2017's Toronto International Film Festival () and the first screening of Sebastián Lelio’s Disobedience. In what critics are calling "Jewish Carol," Disobedience is an adaption of the 2006 novel of the same name by Naomi Alderman. It stars the Rachels — McAdams and Weisz — as two Orthodox Jewish women who carefully and secretly rekindle a childhood romance. It's a lesbian love affair set in a community where men and woman aren't even allowed to touch outside of marriage, and so far reviewers have praised the film for its quality acting and depth.

On top of the universal acclaim the film has been receiving, the sex scene between Weisz's Ronit and McAdams's Esti has got everyone's tongues wagging. In the movie, Ronit returns to North London from New York after her influential rabbi father passes away. It's there that she is reacquainted with Esti, who is now married to their devout childhood best friend Dovid (Alessandro Nivola). As the plot progresses, the pair slowly and carefully rekindle their passion for each other, culminating in a passionate sex scene that's threatening to rival that of Blue is Warmest Color.

While I have not seen the movie, one Vulture review went into great detail about what makes this scene so exquisite:

"Unable to be apart but unable to be together in public or at home, they escape to a hotel, where that mind-blowing meeting of the Rachels can finally be released. The two drink each other in again, but this time with unhindered relish, McAdams’s Esti groaning as Weisz’s Ronit undoes the crotch of her bodysuit with her teeth, Esti searching every contour of Ronit’s mouth with her tongue, then the ecstasy as they each reach inside the other’s underpants."

So far this all seems pretty sexy, pretty straightforward, but there was one moment really got TIFF critics' heart's racing:

"They are simultaneously ravenous and exquisitely thorough. Though the moment almost everyone will be talking about will be when Weisz straddles McAdams and gently spits into her mouth, as McAdams eagerly receives it and asks for more, and more again."

The review does argue that while the scene is totally erotic and pretty graphic, it is a little male gaze-y, but that doesn't take away from the emotion and passion behind two restrained women finally being able to unleash their desires for the first time. The internet obviously has a lot to say about it, too.

The overall consensus is that is a great movie about religious duty, free will and desire, with sterling performances from its three main cast members. It's possible that Disobedience will hit selected theaters before the end of the year, and looks like it may even generate some Oscar buzz in the run-up to awards season.

Which Rachel would you let spit in your mouth? Let us know in the comments!

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