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The trippy extended promo for Gemini oozes bloody intrigue to get horror fans' collective juices flowing in anticipation for this psychological thriller.

Ato Bautista has pulled out all the stops and delivered a mind-bending mix of violent flashbacks, confused realities and psychological unraveling in the four minute offering below. The official synopsis below also sounds suitably compelling.

Julia, a psychiatric patient ,is tormented by her demons. Stricken by guilt and fear, she seeks the help of Manuel, a mysterious police detective, to save her from Judith, her estranged evil twin sister who wants her dead. As Julia and Manuel track Judith down and solve the crime that the twins committed years back, the film spirals down to a mind boggling ride as the truth of Julia’s nightmarish dark past unravels

But, if mere text isn't enough to tickle your fancy, check out the video below!


Is anyone else gagging for a bit of psychotic double trouble?

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)

(Images: Twitch Film)


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