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Y'know, every gossip column I write, no matter how exciting, how action packed, bursting to the seams with sex and death and scandal, always gets an obligatory 'Who cares' in the comments. So if you're someone who finds the minutiae of sleb living incredibly dullsville - you know what? This article is NOT for you. Click away now.

Ok. Let's delve into the juicy stuff!

Guys, 's and 's post-break up relations may not be as frosty as we've been led to believe. Before their relationship bit the dust, the photogenic duo had a 'kid' together. Not an actual real life human baby, but a gorgeous ginger kitty, Moke.

Initially, due to Nina tweeting pictures of the cat, we'd all assumed that she got custody of their baby, but then Ian posted a photo of Moke a few days ago.

Perhaps in a moment of Midsummer madness, on June 21 Ian decided to open the floodgates to nosy sleb journos and amateur sleuths everywhere by tweeting:

"In honor of day, look who is in the recycling basket in my office..."

The plot thickens - presumably the pair are sharing custody of the cat. But you know what's weird? Ian's in London shooting his new action movie The Anomaly and Nina's on a tropical vacation with her brother, Alex.

We know she left the cat behind because of the following tweet:

"Kid is helping me pack," she posted on June 12, referring to Moke. "Said I should bring my @gentsco hat...I agree bc its awesome+ raises awareness for children w/ Hodgkins lymphoma."

The Twitter-addicted starlet continued "I think he wants me to bring him too...Won’t leave the suitcase! ." before tweeting a picture of the cute moggy.

Since it seems unlikely that Nina shipped Moke to London to be with Ian, should we assume that neither of the pair have actually got round to moving out of their shared residence yet and have been posting pictures of Moke when they've been back in their LA pad? That's what I guess the photos would! I feel like a gossip column version of Sherlock Holmes right now.

Let me know thoughts, theories, emotions below!


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