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**UPDATE: The photos, sadly, were faked, and we're totally bummed out. Still, a bunch of superhero-loving moviegoers can dream.**

It's one thing when Marvel co-ordinate their superheroes in advance of The Avengers, but will The Amazing Spider-Man 2 herald something new...inter-studio cross-pollination of superheroes?

It sounds ridiculous, preposterous even, but check out these leaked stills from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 before you write the prospect off entirely. Here's the rumor...that next summer's Spidey sequel features an Iron Man easter egg!

It's that first leaked still that's got the internet tongues wagging. According to the 'source', it's an image of Spider-Man () falling after an attack by Electro (). And the building he's falling past...could that be the Stark Tower? Do we have a lil' love affair brewing between Spider-Man's Sony and Iron Man's Marvel?

I'll put it out there, said it - these images look like a game. And the sign for Stark, it also looks also suspiciously like a 'start' sign to me. Actually, I'm embarassed I ever entertained the thoughts. Why would rival studios agree to this? Especially when I'm sure Marvel would love to grab the rights to Spidey (whose a Marvel comic-book character after all). These are huge cash-cows for both studios, and I highly doubt they wanna help each other out.

The other two photo's aren't particularly informative, and again seem pretty blurry, showing what looks like Spidey swinging and Gwen Stacy () looking...I'll go for content. She won't be that way for long - if the rumors are correct that is...

These feel like a ruse. Either they are entirely fake or they're from the game. What's everybody's opinion on this? How are the excitement levels for The Amazing Spider-Man 2?


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