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Eszter Simor

We have recently received some good news concerning Fifty Shades of Grey and cheered about super hot playing the lead role as Christian Grey.

Unfortunately, now Fifty Shades fans also have to face some bad news: due to Charlie Hunnam's last minute exit and the casting-swap the film might not be finished by its expected release date of August 1, 2014.

As Hollywood Reporter confirms, the start date of the shooting was pushed back to December 2. This means that filming is delayed by about a month since it was originally scheduled for November. The crew only has 8 months to work on the movie if they still want to keep up with the original release date.

Dornan was tested for the role last Friday together with female lead in front of director , author E. L. James and producers and and apparently they liked how the chemistry worked between them.

True Blood actor has also been casted as Christian Grey's brother, Elliot.

Can you wait longer than August? Shouldn't a movie as hot as this be released in the hottest season of the year?

(via Hollywood Reporter)


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