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Here at Moviepilot, we love to have fun with speculating about things that have happened, things that will happen, and things that haven't happened yet - but we hope they do. Some of you are on board with us, and some of you hate anything but pure, confirmed news, so I will preface this by saying this post is speculative in nature. Speculative. So keep that in mind before you continue to read.

The latest Easter egg hunt has been, of course, about Thor: The Dark World, with people picking apart scenes for tie-ins to other movies and hints of all kinds. But it might have been the craziest character in the film, Erik Selvig (), who provided the most reliable clues about the direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Check it out:

In the scene played for comic laughs, the professorial Selvig lectures to a room full of psych ward inpatients, babbling about the planetary alignment and the universe, basically, all the sketchier plot points we generally accepted without much question. But as Russ Burlingame at speculates, there might have been more tucked away in Selvig's chalkboard scribblings than we noticed at first:

1.) 616 Universe: In the world of Marvel, "Universe 616" is used to designate our human universe. This means that, unlike what some fans have guessed, the MCU isn't a self-contained universe separate from ours, but linked to our universe already.

2.) The Fault: The Fault, a rift in the fabric of space and time (Seriously, where's the TARDIS when you need it?), first appeared in the crossover storyline War of Kings, which heavily involved the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova Corps, but might also tease The Inhumans, a project that is said to be among the slate of those in development over at Marvel. This also ultimately built up to The Thanos Imperative, which, considering all we've seen on screen to this point, might indicate this is where Marvel is heading.

3.) The Crossroads: Enter Doctor Strange and Planet Hulk in one go. Hulk and Doctor Strange have butted heads a few times in the Marvel comics, with the Sorcerer Supreme giving the big, green ragemonster a few time-outs by sending him to The Crossroads, a cosmic nexus to all sorts of alien dimensions. You know, "Okay, big guy, you need to take it down a notch, so I'm gonna just send you to this empty planet so you can get it out of your system." The second time Doctor Strange exiled him was at the tail end of the World War Hulk arc, the story of which stemmed from Planet Hulk, which, like The Inhumans, is a storyline that has been heavily rumored to be on the table for the next phase of the MCU.

Those are the three main points of interest, though, knowing Marvel, they have squirreled away all sorts of tidbits on the chalkboard, so further study might turn up some fun Easter eggs. Take a look and let me know what you find. Go nuts, comrades!


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