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Gather 'round, Whovians, gather 'round! The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, Day of the Doctor, is almost upon us, and it appears that BBC is finally getting around to kicking off their official promotional campaign. Considering we're still two weeks away from Halloween and I'm already seeing Christmas decorations for sale in the grocery store, it feels like BBC is late on getting the ball rolling. However, as a native American, my inability to recognize when a promotional blitz is completely insane is more or less embedded in my psyche, so perhaps you should take my feelings on this with a grain of salt.

Regardless, the very first stills have been dropped, which means an official trailer can't be far behind (cue the wild cheering). Prepare to nerd-squee your head off as you see the Tenth Doctor meeting the Eleventh Doctor meeting the Dark Doctor.

, , and all together in the same vicinity? Why was I not invited? Oh, wait, yeah. Probably because I'd stow away in the TARDIS and then jump out and cling to David Tennant's leg and beg for him to adopt me. Minor details.

Day of the Doctor will be simulcast on all channels that air Doctor Who around the world and in 3D in select theaters on November 23rd, which, coincidentally, might be the last day I ever write for Moviepilot because there's an excellent chance that seeing the three Doctors, , and Jenna Louise-Coleman on screen together will make my brain explode.

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