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The dust has finally settled, and most of us have seen 's latest blockbuster, Doctor Strange. The mystical, trippy adventure is one of my favorite stand-alone Marvel movies to date, and I can't wait to see what they do next. As I'm writing this, has stayed at the top of the box office for the second weekend in a row, which brings it up to around $365 million in earnings, on a $165 million budget.

For readers, one of the best things about a Marvel movie is spotting the similarities between the film and the comic pages. This can come in the form of Easter Eggs (which are plentiful), or filmmakers may choose to lift an entire lift comic arc straight off the page (e.g., The Dark Phoenix Saga). I'm going to take a look at 5 awesome comic storylines that would be fantastic for Doctor Strange 2!

1. "Face To Face With The Magic of Baron Mordo"

Photo Credit: Marvel
Photo Credit: Marvel

Issue: Strange Tales #111

Year: 1963

Strange Tales #111 isn't set long after Doctor Strange's first appearance (in 1963), and this comic is vital in the lore of the . This is one arc I'm sure we're going to see in Doctor Strange 2, because it follows the story of Baron Mordo totally opposing the Ancient One, which forms the beginning of a 50-year-long rivalry between Strange and Mordo.

If you've seen the movie, then you'll know that at the end, Baron Mordo is so appalled by the lies and deceit of The Ancient One that he decides to go against her teachings and wipe out sorcerers, as he thinks there are "too many".

Strange Tales #111 is often considered a classic, and is usually featured in lists counting down Doctor Strange's most important comics. That's because it paves the way for Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo's iconic rivalry. As you can see in the picture above, this comic was made by the best duo in the business, Stan Lee and !

2. "Sorcerer Supreme Once More"

Photo Credit: Marvel
Photo Credit: Marvel

Issue: New Avengers, Vol. 2 #1-6 & #31-34

Year: 2012

This is one of the more recent comic-book storylines on our list. I don't think they should take the whole story from the arc, because it involves a crazy and Doctor Vodoo as the Sorcerer Supreme. However, the element I would like them to take is the invasion of Agamotto. If that name sounds familiar, it's because his eye is the mystical jewellery we see in the movie (pictured above).

I know Eye of Agamotto is one of the final Infinity Stones, but how cool would it be if Agamotto came to Earth and retrieved his eye, only for to take it? I think that's an arc we need to see on the big screen, especially because it would mean that the big, bad villain would win at the end, rather than the superhero.

The one flaw with that theory is that The Avengers: Infinity War is out before Doctor Strange 2, but I have two ways this can still happen. The first is that it can be a super-long after-credit scene in either Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of The Galaxy or Thor: Ragnarok — which I know hasn't been done yet, but who's to say it can't? The second possibility is that Thanos survives Infinity War and goes on to wreak havoc in the MCU, which would mean Doctor Strange 2 would (probably) be out before another Marvel movie where Thanos is the main villain. Perhaps it's a little implausible, but there's any way to make this story fit within the MCU continuity, Marvel should seize the opportunity.

3. “To Have Loved and Lost"

Photo Credit: Marvel
Photo Credit: Marvel

Issue: Master of The Mystic Arts #55

Year: 1982

This issue from the '80s is a really interesting look at Stephen Strange, and who he is as a person. We're used to seeing the cocky surgeon who thinks the world revolves around him, but in Master of The Mystic Arts #55, Strange takes a real look at himself. In this storyline, Doctor Strange "dies" and is shown what the world would be like without his existence. In this time, he plunges to a personal low, wondering if he is worthy. He then assesses himself, and returns to greatness.

is a fantastic, well-rounded actor, and although we've seen him at his most confident, I think it would be really cool to see him reach an all-time low. It could be argued that he already reached this low in the first film when he lost his skills as a surgeon. But this would be an all-time low for not only Stephen Strange, but also his new mystical alter ego too.

4. Doctor Strange Vol. 4

Photo Credit: Marvel
Photo Credit: Marvel

Issue: #1-11

Year: 2015

This is the most recent comic-book line for Doctor Strange. Since 2015, this line has impressed its readers with sides of Doctor Strange we've never quite seen before. This Stephen Strange is more corrupt than usual, which to some, makes him a lot more believable.

The most intriguing part of this storyline is how Doctor Strange is stripped of his magic, which leads to a fantastic story in comics #1-11. I don't want to give too much away, but it's exhilarating seeing The Sorcerer Supreme learning new tricks and utilizing new weapons to defeat Empirikul. For those who don't know The Empirikul, they're a group of soldiers who follow the powerful leader Imperator. Their aim is to "purify" magic users, which results in a clash of morals between The Empirikul and humans, and that's where Doctor Strange intervenes. How cool would it be seeing a magic-less Doctor Strange in a sequel?

Photo Credit: Marvel
Photo Credit: Marvel

is a sequel we still need to have 'officially' announced, but given the box office success of Doctor Strange thus far, we can assume we'll see a sequel. All these storylines are predictions, and would be fantastic to see in the sequel, but Marvel could opt for a totally fresh storyline and still come up with something great. Only time will tell how comic book-faithful the sequel to Doctor Strange will be!


What did you think of Doctor Strange?

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