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Doctor Strange is the latest Marvel film that will be crashing into theaters this fall. The movie is one step closer to the events leading to to the epic Infinity War battle between the Avengers and the ultra-powerful Thanos. Scott Derrickson (Sinister) is helming the Marvel Universes’s newest Avenger that will see Benedict Cumberbatch’s Strange fight against the forces of evil.

The film will introduce another element to the Marvel Universe: magic. The mystical arts are something that have yet to be explored in this universe. We have seen a great deal of the craziness that will ensue from the recent trailers and TV spots. However, Marvel has released an amazing clip that showcases Strange taking on Mads Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius and his henchmen. Check out the intense action below:

What Did We Learn From This Clip?

One thing’s for sure, this film is gonna be nuts! Where do I even start? First, Strange is seen harnessing his magic skills using some sort of spell to create a magical lasso. Strange utilizes this magic lasso to grab and throw items at his enemies while also using it to deflect items thrown his way.

Another thing to note here is that there’s not a whole lot of hand-to-hand combat going on. We don’t see a lot of punches being thrown. While we do have some characters (like Iron Man) who mostly fight at a distance, the superheroes of the MCU tend to throw down physically, whether with fists or weapons. But the world of Doctor Strange's isn't one where battles are fought with fists but with the mind — it's entirely possible that all the fight sequences will feature no hand-to-hand combat but magical combat only.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this entire scene is the trippy visuals we get toward the end of the clip. We saw what we presume is the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) perform something similar in the trailers with a few buildings, but what Kaecilius is doing is some pure voodoo shit, right there.

Is this the Ancient One?
Is this the Ancient One?

The inside part of the room appears to stretch out as Strange is trying to run away from the enemy. However Kaecilius won’t let him and Strange is caught right in his tracks. The visuals are extremely impressive as this is certainly a fighting style we have yet to see on the big screen — in fact, the visuals and action sequences are being universally praised in the first wave of critics' responses, along with Michael Giacchino's score, which is something unlike anything we've heard yet in the MCU and only adds to the acid trip-ness of the movie.

Strange Still Has A Lot To Learn

If I were to guess, this scene probably takes place toward the beginning or middle of the movie. It’s possibly even his first encounter with Kaecilius and his servants. Something to note here from this specific scene, is that it doesn’t appear that Strange has a complete grasp of his powers yet. In one of the trailers, the Ancient One asks Strange, “How did you become a doctor?” to which Strange responds with, “Studying and practice; years of it.” This scene goes to show that Strange still has much to learn if he’s to harness all of the powers that lie within.

Unlike all of the other heroes, Strange has to quite literally go back to school to relearn everything he thought he knew. The majority of the MCU characters (e.g. Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man), have been using their powers and unique abilities for quite some time now, or were born with them. Though this man is great with medical terminology, that unfortunately won’t help him here as he now has to learn everything there is to know about the mystical realm and the power behind it. The Ancient One will be a tough teacher, much like Ra’s Al Ghul’s character was to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. Hopefully it will all be worth it for Strange.

What Other Clips Might Be Released Before The Film Hits Theaters?

I don’t anticipate us getting more action scenes leading up to the movie's release date. In fact, I don’t want to see anymore. Captain America: Civil War gave us just enough in the trailers and TV spots and saved the majority of its incredible airport battle for theater viewers and boy, were we treated to something special. I expect Marvel to give us a few scenes involving Strange studying under the Ancient One's tutelage and a few other scenes with Strange speaking with Wong (Benedict Wong) and Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor).

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To be honest, that’s all I want and I hope that they keep all of the incredible action scenes to a bare minimum. I want to be absolutely stunned in the theater at the trippy visuals that Derrickson has promised fans. We can only hold out hope that Doctor Strange will be another solid addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Do you think Doctor Strange will be the most surprising Marvel movie in years?


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