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We will finally be able to own Doctor Strange (and all the mystical threats that come with it) on Blu-Ray, DVD or Digital by the end of the month. But don't worry, you won't have to wait long to get a taste of the Sorcerer Supreme's home video goodness. has released a hilarious gag reel to hold us over until February 28 (or 14, if you've stopped buying discs), which shows us that even the most intelligent and collected people who handle world-endangering spells don't do everything perfectly.

Here are the funniest moments from the footage:

1. Doctor Strange Shows Off His Dance Moves

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Filming a special effects-heavy superhero movie can be quite embarrassing for actors; they run the risk of looking really strange (hah!) while interacting with a green ball or punching air. gives us the perfect example of just how awkward that can look with him fighting against an enemy that's not there before giving up almost immediately. Fortunately, he took the opportunity to show us that Stephen Strange is so awesome, he can cut a rug in the middle of a violent fight for his life... and look pretty amazing doing it.

You're welcome
You're welcome

2. The Ancient One Has No Idea Of What To Say

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

I see two things that could be going on here: Either The Ancient One is under great pressure for the situation with Kaecilius and Dormammu, or Doctor Strange's incredibly gigantic ego interferes with her thoughts. Going by her statement of...

"Inflated your ego!"

... It's safe to say it's the latter. That just goes to show us that even Stephen Strange's ego is remarkable.

3. You Shall Not Park!

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

In the film it was established that had not yet mastered the concept of different dimensions. And it looks like he was so confused after being dragged from one place to another by his sling ring for so long, that he accidentally confused the Mirror dimension with a parking zone stating:

"The Mirror Zone... what?! No, the parking zone!"

Yikes. That sounds like a very unlikely slip-up, but it just goes to show you how much dimension-traveling can mess with your head. Please, Stephen, the world needs its Sorcerer Supreme so be careful with your mind-bending travels. By the way, I don't know about you, but the scene made me imagine him as a police officer guarding a parking meter. Could you imagine what he could do to people who don't pay for parking? That'd be one parking meter you wouldn't want to ignore.

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For more gag reel goodness, don't forget to purchase Doctor Strange on Digital HD on February 14 and on Blu-Ray and DVD on February 28.

What was your favorite blooper in the video?


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