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Will Wharton

It's that time again! After the resounding success of last month's Batman casting (turns out we all got it wrong), we've decided it's high time to start all over again!

One of our potential casting ideas?

Who should be Doctor Strange ?!

Doctor Strange the surgeon-turned-sorceror who uses magical artifacts to augment his powers. It's a role that requires the actor to begin his journey as a proud preening hot-shot surgeon and slowly become the wise master of the black arts he is today.

But the big question still remains... who should play him?

Check out our picks! Then leave us a comment with your own!

Viggo Mortensen

Scoot McNairy

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Liam Neeson

Johnny Depp

Willem Dafoe

Alexander Skaarsgard

Jared Leto

Matt Smith

Edward Norton

Ezra Miller

James Franco

Taylor Kitsch

Luke Evans

Garrett Hedlund

Gary Oldman

Who do you want to see play Doctor Strange? Let us know below!


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