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Now, if there's one thing that's always liable to set the internet off on a shiny new cycle of emotional violence and internecine bickering, it's the subject of . The review aggregator has, after all, become one of 2016's most controversial websites, with its collation of critics' responses to movies coming under fire for both bias (which seems unlikely) and the flaws in its inherently simplistic methodology (which is far more plausible). The flash point came back in August, when 's received a critical kicking from journalists, thus earning it an extremely low 26 percent on the site. Many fans took issue with this, and a petition was even started to have Rotten Tomatoes shut down.

The storm eventually blew over, however, with Suicide Squad's box office success seemingly placating its most militant supporters, and yet the worst may not yet be over. Y'see...

Marvel's Doctor Strange Currently Has An Insanely High Rotten Tomatoes Score

[Doctor Strange/Marvel Studios]
[Doctor Strange/Marvel Studios]

Which, as far as "things that are likely to inflame the Marvel/DC rivalry" go, is right up there with "Kevin Feige punches Batman" and "Disney announces takeover of Warner Bros." Let's break the film's score down a little, though, before we start predicting an online gang war.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, has — at the time of writing — been reviewed by 23 media outlets, and received positive reviews from 22 of them. As such, the site is currently tracking the film as having a 95 percent approval rating (it's best not to ask exactly how it's reached that number, and to just take it as a rough approximation...and with a pinch of salt). Now, it's worth noting two things at this point: 1) Rotten Tomatoes hasn't declared the movie "fresh" or "rotten" as of yet, since a whole lot of "major league" reviewers are yet to chime in on the subject, and 2) The movie is — in this one writer's opinion — actually pretty darned good.

Which, of course, means that not only is the current score not final (and thus probably not worth worrying about all that much) but that, even if it does stay similarly high, it might also turn out to be fairly accurate. The movie, after all, is visually stunning, tightly plotted and surprisingly philosophical for a adventure — as well as being distinctly weird, willful and fun. As such, there's actually a better chance of it proving popular among, say, fans of Zack Snyder's much-maligned than any other movie we've seen in years.

That, though, may still prove to be cold comfort for anyone still ticked off by Rotten Tomatoes' previous aggregation, especially if they're staunch believers in a (paid) media bias against DC and towards Marvel. Arguing here that Rotten Tomatoes has limited control over its scores (aggregation is, by definition, reliant on its inputs, even with as flawed and simplistic a system as that of Rotten Tomatoes), or that there is patently no corrupt, bribery-sourced bias against DC (and if there is, Disney must have forgotten to send me my briefcase full of unmarked bills) is likely futile, and so instead, let's just hope — all together — that everyone keeps their cool, that we're all a little nicer to one another online than we tend to be, but more than anything else, this: That as many people as possible who go to see Doctor Strange in the next few weeks have a good time, whatever their expressed affiliation in the "Marvel/DC rivalry."

After all, isn't that what going to the movies is ultimately supposed to be about?

Still want more on the Marvel/DC rivalry? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, though, what do you think? Will Doctor Strange be better than Suicide Squad? Let us know below!

[Rotten Tomatoes]


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