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Critics of the DCEU endlessly proclaim that Batman and Superman shouldn't kill, as this betrays their heroic code of honor and deviates from both character's comic book origins.

However, it seems... strange, then, that people rarely discuss how the heroes of the also murder their enemies on a regular basis. Stephen Strange — that's to you — is just the latest in a long line of Marvel who've taken a life in order to save the lives of others, despite his Hippocratic Oath.

[Via Marvel Studios]
[Via Marvel Studios]

While Dr Strange commendably points out the murder he commits in an explicit way, raising questions of whether heroes should ever resort to killing, the issue still isn't explored as fully as one would hope for. However, this is still a marked improvement on previous movies, where a surprising amount of people die at the hands of our heroes, with nary a mention or acknowledgement.

It's one thing to murder a person in order to save the lives of others, but most of the MCU heroes took this far further than Doctor Strange ever did, offing people left, right and centre across a surprising number of films.

Instead of having to sit through every MCU movie again, morbidly ticking off each kill we see onscreen, Mr Sunday Movies has kindly done all of the work for us, compiling the kill counts of and in two separate videos.

It turns out that while the wholesome Steve Rogers is responsible for far more deaths than we could have ever predicted, numbering 14,089 in total, it's worth bearing in mind that some of these are robots and the rest are mostly evil Nazis, so that's sort of ok... right?

Iron Man though is a whole other story. Despite playing a pivotal role in the Avengers, 'philanthropist' Tony Stark actually has a shocking amount of blood on his hi-tech gauntlet hand thingies. Whether you're an alien, a robot or an honest-to-god actual person, Iron Man will kill you with a trademark quip and then a rocket to the face.

Don't believe us? Tony Stark's kill count so far is 75,157, and that doesn't even include the 76 robots he's destroyed. What it does include, though, is the mass genocide that took place at the end of Avengers Assemble, where 75, 000 aliens were taken out in one fell swoop. Sure, the Chitauri Army were hellbent on invading the Earth, but what about their grandmas who were all chilling out at home on the spaceship, knitting Chitauri undies and the like?

Is It Fair To Criticise The DCEU For Their Killer Heroes?

[Via Marvel Studios]
[Via Marvel Studios]

It's pretty astounding to discover how many deaths Captain America and Iron Man are actually responsible for — and that's before you even begin to consider the kills that took place offscreen.

Remember that time the Hulk lost control in South Africa during Avengers: Age of Ultron? Oh yeah... What about when the Scarlet Witch accidentally killed all of those civilians at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War? Whoopsie! Hell, even Pepper Potts was ultimately responsible for the deaths of two big Iron Man baddies, Obadiah Stane and Aldrich Killian. No wonder Thaddeus Ross was so keen to put the Sovokia Accords into place!

Check out these bizarre Doctor Strange sightings in the clip below:

Why is it that heroes like Batman and Superman are so brutally condemned for murdering people when the Avengers have actually killed far more in the pursuit of 'justice'?

Ultimately, it's all down to presentation. While the likes of Superman and Batman kill with a dour look on their face, Marvel's movies steer well away from the consequences of death with far more jaunty heroics and a killer soundtrack to boot. Hell, even when major characters do die, they're usually brought back to life through contrived, comic book-inspired events.

[Via Marvel Studios]
[Via Marvel Studios]

In Marvel's defence though, Ben Affleck's version of Batman is far more militant about killing than any of the Avengers, and he's only starred in one film to date. Future DCEU movies could quickly overtake Marvel's surprisingly impressive kill count if given the chance.

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Whether the Sorcerer Supreme kills again, or whether he learns from his actions in the first Doctor Strange movie, Stephen certainly won't be the last Marvel hero to murder someone in cold blood, especially when you consider the comic book history of these characters.


At the end of the day, just don't mess with Wolverine. Lesson learned.


Do you think that superheroes should kill when necessary?

Source — Mr Sunday Movies


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