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Spoilers for Doctor Strange follow.

Marvel's newest addition to its cinematic universe is quite magical (literally) and I can only recommend it as yet another smash hit. However, as I was watching it, I couldn't help but think of how similar it is to the Green Lantern movie. Remember the first cinematic attempt at the Emerald Crusader from 2011 starring Ryan Reynolds?

Yeah, most try not to. And I don't really understand why. Don't get me wrong, the movie is not perfect, but I don't get the hatred for it.

So, how is Doctor Strange at all like Green Lantern? Obviously, they're pretty different — the former is about magic, whereas the latter was about intergalactic policemen, aliens, rings that make giant objects out of imagination, etc. Well, true, but there are many similarities, which I will gladly go over.

They're Similar Personalities

Doctor Stephen Strange and pilot Hal Jordan are both cocky, arrogant experts at their jobs shadowing their fear with bloated confidence. Strange shows that he's much more unlikable than Hal was, but both characters are not saints when it came to their personality and relationships with others. They both have ex-girlfriends whom they obviously still have feelings for, but they tend to bicker a lot. (And both ex-girlfriends have futures as heroes/villains: Christine Palmer is Marvel's Night Nurse and Carol Ferris is DC's Star Sapphire.)

Both Are Brought To A Distant Place To Learn Their Powers

Green Lantern goes to Oa and Doctor Strange to Kamar-Taj. There, an order of people train others to defend the Earth, which is revealed to the heroes to be one of many worlds. Both groups of defenders are led by wise, bald leaders who have done something morally questionable in the past, but with good intentions. Both leaders give the main hero a powerful ring that grants him abilities.

The Villains Are Kind Of The Same

The villains (Kaecilius and Hector Hammond) of both films are twisted, manipulated and disfigured by an evil force and both end up being pawns for an even bigger villains that they are drawing to Earth as a source of power to devour/absorb. Said bigger villains (Dormammu and Parallax) are both shapeless, glowing entities that look nothing like their comic book counterpart, which our heroes defeat easily (but awesomely) while confronting and overcoming their fears.

So Are These Guys

Both films have a character who is a veteran in the order of defenders and train the main hero, teaching him not to hold back — because if he does hesitate, he will die. Mordo acts more like a friend to Doctor Strange than Sinestro ever did to Hal Jordan, but still, the similarities are there, especially when it comes to the after credit scenes in both movies.

Both movies have after credit scenes that feature the mentor friend character going to the dark side, thus setting them up to be the villain of the next movie. Only difference here? Doctor Strange will actually get a sequel.

The Similarities Don't End There!

Both heroes have quirky sidekicks who teach them about the defenders' lore while providing some comedic scenes and banter. However, Wong from Doctor Strange was both much more serious AND funnier than Tomar-Re from Green Lantern.

This just goes to show that any story can be good, it all just depends on how it is actually executed — and in Doctor Strange's case, it was executed phenomenally. This proves that something like Batman & Robin or Fant4stic could have been good under the right execution. Think about that.

Did I miss any other similarities? Let me know in the comments below!


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