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Marvel's Doctor Strange is taking fans and critics by storm, as it infuses mysticism into a superhero franchise — something that has never really been done before. While characters like Thor and Groot have already added a bit of cosmic diversity into the franchise, Doctor Strange is the first to truly introduce magic and mysticism.

While this seems like a big leap for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, considering most of their heroes' abilities are scientific (Iron Man, Captain America, Falcon, etc.), the magic of Doctor Strange actually fits in just as well.

'Magic' Was First Discussed in 'Captain America: The First Avenger'

Image: Disney / Marvel Studios
Image: Disney / Marvel Studios

How does the mysticism fit in so well? It's because the concept was already introduced back in 2011 during Captain America: The First Avenger. Near the beginning of the film, Johann Schmidt (a.k.a. Red Skull) steals the tesseract from a tower in Norway. During this scene, Schmidt drops the line:

This line is actually very connected to Doctor Strange. It throws out the concept of things just being magic, but rather defines magic and superstition as simply a science we are yet able to comprehend.

Image: Disney / Marvel Studios
Image: Disney / Marvel Studios

Earlier in 2012, Thor perfectly explained magic as well. Midway through the film, Jane, Eric and Darcy look into Norse mythology. They finish their research by concluding that the Norse "gods" like Thor and Odin were worshiped as magic beings simply because the people of that time could not comprehend their existence. Their science could adequately explain how these beings came to be. But to us, these concepts were uncomprehensible; thus they became gods on Earth, extraterrestrial beings of un-explainable power.

This is also true of the magic in Doctor Strange. While the characters seem to have full knowledge of the mysticism they work with, the fact is they don't know what it truly is that they are working with; they just know how to manipulate it.

Image: Disney / Marvel Studios
Image: Disney / Marvel Studios

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The idea of referring to un-explainable sciences as "magic" and "mysticism" is not a new concept to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus, the mysticism in Doctor Strange is not as big of a stretch as it seems. The concept of this has been introduced previously in films such as Thor and even Ant-Man, with the quantum realm scene.

While the true science of Doctor Strange will likely never be explained, due to the fact that it is not really explainable, the fact is it will remain a 'science' in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is so complex, it seems you could only skim the surface of the science behind magic if you were a Doctor of some sort. How strange...

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