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WARNING: This article will be very spoiler-heavy.

Doctor Strange is the latest installment in the ever-growing MCU and will open the doors of magic and different dimensions to the superhero world. Longtime fans know a staple theme of Marvel movies are its mid- and post-credits scenes, setting up the universe further after the movie has ended, and Doctor Strange will be no exception.

Fans eagerly await for the hidden scene that will give us a clue into the future of the MCU. Now, thanks to Screen Crush, we know what will happen in Doctor Strange after the credits roll: An appearance from a beloved Marvel character and a tease for the future of Stephen Strange's franchise. Let's see what happens:

First, The Mid-Credits Scene

By the end of the movie, Stephen Strange has made it his mission to rid our world of all magical threats, including the beloved Loki, so he invites Thor himself to the Sanctum Sanctorum to get information on the God of Mischief. However, Thor tells Strange that he needs his brother to locate his father Odin.

Stephen agrees to help Thor find Odin with one condition: When they recover the All-Father, Thor, Loki and Odin need to leave Earth forever. The God of Thunder agrees to the deal.

How This Will Impact The MCU

This scene alone has huge ramifications for the MCU. First of all, we know Stephen Strange isn't friendly with Asgardians. The mystical doctor is confirmed for Avengers: Infinity War, so what will happen when Thanos comes to Earth? Will Thor break their deal and return to help the Avengers fight off the Mad Titan? What if Strange realizes the scope of the threat and calls Thor for help? Or even Loki? He may be unpredictable, but he's always been one to save his own hide and he would ally himself with the Avengers and the Guardians in order to stop the more pressing threat of Thanos.

The God of Thunder's appearance in the film confirms Benedict Cumberbatch's role in Thor: Ragnarok, which was teased with a leaked set picture featuring Chris Hemsworth holding a paper with the Sanctum Sanctorum's address. It's also worthy to note that Marvel is repeating what they did with Ant-Man's mid-credits scene: Putting in an actual scene from an upcoming movie.

Post-Credits Scene

Early on in Doctor Strange, we are presented with a character played by Benjamin Bratt, who takes advantage of the mystical arts to heal his paralysis. Well, in the post-credits scene, Baron Mordo goes to the character and takes the man's mystical powers for himself while delivering this terrifying line:

"There are too many sorcerers."

Let's give this scene a little context: By the end of the movie, Baron Mordo is furious that Stephen Strange was given the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. While throughout the film Mordo is shown as an ally, this scene completely sets him up as a villain, which answers the biggest question fans had: How would Baron Mordo fulfill his comic book arc and go from ally to villain?

Now that we know that, the next question is: When will we see Mordo again?

Maybe In A Doctor Strange Sequel?

Marvel is known for quickly giving sequels to successful movies, such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. So, if Doctor Strange proves to be a hit, will Chiwetel Ejiofor be the main bad guy? His case is similar to Obadiah Stane's in the first Iron Man, only he has an entire movie setting up his motivations before turning into a full-fledged bad guy.

However, I don't see the release of a Doctor Strange sequel in the next two years as an easy accomplishment considering all the other movies Marvel has planned so...

Could He Side With Thanos For 'Infinity War'?

We know this is the movie that will tie everything in the MCU nice and easy, giving closure to 10 years of storylines. Therefore, we should expect a lot of characters from the universe to pop up. So, considering the aforementioned difficulty of getting a sequel for Stephen Strange made in a rush (though we do still have all those 2020 films yet to be accounted for), could Baron Mordo's next appearance be in Infinity War?

Thanos will need a lot of manpower to take on the entire roster of heroes from the MCU and it has been speculated that he could revive previous villains to aid in his quest to own the Infinity Stones. What if Baron Mordo sees Thanos' arrival on Earth as an opportunity to finally get his revenge on Stephen Strange?

See Also:

These scenes just set up countless possible directions for the MCU to take in the coming years. We have to give Marvel props for tying its cinematic universe in such a neat way. Knowing this, I can't wait to see what's in store for our heroes.

What did you think of the scenes? Where do you think We'll see Baron Mordo next?

[Source: ScreenCrush]


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