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(WARNING: Spoilers for Doctor Strange comics and the recently released movie below)

will join as another Marvel comic book character to become a successful movie without much of a public fan base beforehand. Without characters like Rocket and Peter Quill, who can add levity to any situation, Doctor Strange's real test will be how the audience has react to a character and story that are more supernatural than fast-paced and funny. In the lead-up to the movie's release, has been playing up the amazing special affects in hopes to draw people in and then capture them with what they hope is an amazing story.

I would have thought an origin story that is unknown is more interesting than a famous one. Once Strange's story has been told there are so many direction you can go with the Sorcerer Supreme because Doctor Strange's world that is only limited by someone's imagination. Maybe the best thing about Dr. Strange is that his personality and connection to almost everyone in the , Strange could literally appear everywhere — from the movies to the Netflix shows. I thought it would be a great idea to show the people who may not be familiar with Doctor Strange just how connected he is and how he could jump into other films.

The Doctors Are In!...Hell

  • Comic Book: Doctor Strange And Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment

In Marvel Comics, Doctor Doom is known as one of the smartest people on the planet. His intelligence rivals Reed Richards and he has proven to be smarter than Tony Stark. What people seem to forget is that Doom is also one of the premier sorcerers in the world. His only equal is Doctor Stephen Strange. During a contest of mystical proportions, Doom came in second place and second place is rewarded a request of the winner. Doom requested Strange help him get his mother out of Hell and out of Mephisto's clutches. Because of Strange's honor he not only went, but actually attempted to help Doom without setting Doom up to spend an eternity in Hell (which Doom probably deserves).

This is a story that could make for a blockbuster of a movie. A group of the world's greatest magicians could introduce Brother Voodoo, Wanda Maximoff's (Scarlet Witch) Chaos Magic, and an assortment of other magical characters in Marvel. The contests to see a winner alone would be worth the price of admission. Then to see Strange fight Mephisto could end up being a classic Marvel movie moment. Doctor Doom is still a part of the Marvel family, he could easily be replaced by Baron Mordo or another character in the Dr. Strange world.

Sitting Out Of The Civil War

  • Comic Book: Civil War #6

and assembled their teams and decided to fight crime the way they wanted to. When Iron Man confronted his Illuminati (Namor, Reed Richards, and Black Bolt) Doctor Strange told Stark he was wrong. When Reed said he agreed with Stark he disappeared and told the group to never call on him again. When Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne visited Doctor Strange during the Superhero Civil War, he was gone. Wong (Strange's manservant) told them that he was fasting and meditating in his Arctic Lodge in hopes that it might solve the issue.

Dr. Strange knew that with his power he could have swayed the results of this war in the way he favored. Because of that, he knew it would be irresponsible for him to get involved in this fight. Especially since he felt that neither side was wrong in this debate. Makes you wonder where he stands in the MCU's current . I highly doubt Doctor Strange would have fought the battles the government ordered him to fight. More than likely, he would have gone into seclusion like he did in the comic book Civil War. Having one person stay neutral might have been a cool concept.


  • Comic Book Issue: World War Hulk #4

The had come back from space and he was, for lack of a better term, pissed off. If that wasn't bad enough, he has never been this mad. The Hulk came back with some of his new friends and was ripping through everyone that got in his way. They took out both and Iron Man's teams and a military unit led by General Thaddeus Ross that was equipped with adamantium shrapnel. The Hulk was confronted by Dr. Strange on the astral plane and was defeated after trying a peaceful approach. After the Hulk broke his hands, Dr. Strange tried a different approach. He used darker magics that he normally wouldn't and beat the Hulk and his teammates without breaking a sweat. If not for civilians being in harm's way, he would have continued to kick the Hulk's green butt.

Hulk may be the strongest there is, but, as Dr. Strange told the Hulk himself,

For all of Hulk's strength, it is against someone with as much power as Dr. Strange and he showed him that first hand. It would be great to one day get a kind of fight in a movie and it would be interesting to see how Dr. Strange would go up against the Hulk on screen.

Being There For Friends

  • Comic Book Issue: New Avengers #34 "Trust"

After sitting out of the Superhero Civil War, Doctor Strange felt ashamed of himself for not intervening. Strange decided to do what he could to help his friends fight the good fight and invited in Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and Ronan into his home (The Sanctum Sanctorum) where they could live without the fear of being attacked and imprisoned by Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. Strange fought alongside this Avengers team and called upon darker magics in order to protect his friends. This was a decision that lead him to no longer being the Sorcerer Supreme after becoming too arrogant to make the right decisions to protect the world. Helping his friends was so important that it not only cost him his title for a time, but it almost got him killed.

While the Doctor Strange movie may have been a great place for him to start, his place is closer to the people and not fighting alongside Cap and Iron Man. Dr. Strange is a man and protector of the people and it's the reason he fit in perfectly with Luke Cage's team. All of their goals were the same: protect the common man. While Cap and his team have similar goals, Cap's teams usually end up protecting people while fighting space aliens and not the superhumans on Earth.

The Sorcerer Supreme Is Always On Duty

  • Comic Book Issue: Doctor Strange #1 "The Way Of The Weird"

When you are the Sorcerer Supreme you don't punch a clock to start and stop work. The work of a Sorcerer Supreme is 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The weird, strange (pun intended), and mystical dangers never stop threatening the world. Because of that, Doctor Strange has to always be prepared, watching for new patterns in the regular, everyday world. Some beings are like bacteria and actually help you, but others are there to literally feast on your soul. Thankfully, Doctor Strange works for a smile, a thank you, and, sometimes, the company of a woman. Human or other.

This Doctor Strange movie is all about his beginning — who is he and who he will be. Going forward, there are infinite possibilities for Doctor Strange: Is he protecting a school from monsters while on the Astral Plane? Or how about inside someone's body against a microscopic demon? Heck, he could fight Dormammu in the middle of Times Square on top of a sky scraper. Regardless of where they go, because Doctor Strange is so involved in helping people it's going to be exciting to see what adventures Doctor Strange goes on.

These are just some of the great moments of Doctor Strange. Strange has been a consistently good character for years and we have yet to really see what his potential is in comic books. Now that we can see him on screen, Strange could truly be something special, different, and can open doors for other characters like Brother Voodoo to one day make their way to the big screen.

What series or Doctor Strange characters do YOU want to see added to a movie or series? Let me know in comments below.


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