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Welcome to my new series!

Every month I plan to take us into the lives of some of the different character(s) from the world of pop culture, focusing on the smaller characters who we don't hear about or see all that often. For our first edition, we'll be delving into the history of a mantle hinted to in both Doctor Strange, and across Marvel's Netflix shows. This month, let's get to know... The Night Nurse.

Who Is The Night Nurse?

Image: Marvel
Image: Marvel

Real Name(s): Linda Carter, Georgia Jenkins, Christine Palmer and Claire Temple.

First Appearance: As you can see above, there are actually multiple Night Nurses in the comics; the first to appear was Linda Carter. Carter first appeared over 10 years before the mantle was created, making her debut in "Linda Carter, Student Nurse #1", September 1961.

The mantle 'Night Nurse' was coined for a series of the same name, which ran from November 1972 to May 1973. Lasting only four issues, Night Nurse was 's attempt to attract a wider female viewership. The medical drama followed the lives of Linda Carter, Georgia Jenkins, and Christine Palmer — three roommates that work the night shift at Metropolitan General Hospital, who just so happen to treat injured superheroes.

All 3 women were 100% human, with no superpowers; instead, they relied solely on their medical skills to aid and patch up the superheroes. Funnily enough, the three women never actually referred to themselves as 'Night Nurses' until 2004!

Linda Carter

Image: Marvel
Image: Marvel

After her brief comic book run, Linda Carter re-appeared decades later in "Daredevil #58", 2004, where she officially assumed the code name of the 'Night Nurse.' It was after being rescued by a superhero that she decided to give back by helping patch them up after battles.

It was in that same issue that Linda helped out an injured after a run in with the Yakuza. From there on in, Carter became the go-to woman for heroes like Luke Cage and Iron Fist when they were injured; Carter would go on to form friendships with the likes of and Elektra too. During , Carter sided with Captain America and joined his resistance group.

Doctor Strange and Linda Carter. Image: Marvel Comics
Doctor Strange and Linda Carter. Image: Marvel Comics

Georgia Jenkins

Image: Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

Not only did Georgia Jenkins work at the Metro General Hospital, but she also spent her days off providing free medical care to the people in her old neighbourhood.

Ben, her older brother, was conned into blowing up a generator at the hospital and while he may have had a change of heart, Ben was shot when he tried to protect the nurses.

Ben was eventually sent to jail for ten to twenty years, the long sentence angering Georgia as the mob criminals of New York walk free. If only Marvel had a vigilante or two who could serve justice to such criminals...

Christine Palmer

Christine Palmer left her home and travelled to New York to make a life for herself away from her father's fortune. Her father later travelled to New York, hoping to convince Christine to return. He eventually gave her an ultimatum: "if you don't come home by Thanksgiving, then don't come home at all!"

Initially, Palmer became a surgical nurse under the tutelage of another doctor, but after his career ended, Christine left her fellow nurses and decided to travel the world instead.

Later when she returned to Metro General, Christine had run-ins with the X-Men, including Storm and Nightcrawler.

Night Nurse Makes Her Debut In The MCU

Image: Netflix/Marvel
Image: Netflix/Marvel

When Marvel and Netflix released their first collaboration, Daredevil, we were introduced to Claire Temple, a nurse who comes to Daredevil's aid.

In the comics, Temple was first introduced in "Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #2", August 1972, acting as an ally and future love interest to . Thus, the Claire Temple we see on-screen is a hybrid of Luke's former flame and a Night Nurse.

After Rosario Dawson brought the character to life on the Netflix shows, Claire Temple has gone on to star in the second season of Daredevil as well as and Luke Cage. Fans will next see Dawson's portrayal of the character in Marvel's Iron Fist and .

See also:

Image: Marvel
Image: Marvel

In Doctor Strange, Rachel McAdams plays Christine Palmer, a fellow surgeon - but according to Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president, she will not be a Night Nurse.

“I will say that that story line does not play into the movie.”

... at least in this film! Speaking about whether or not we'd ever see Christine Palmer take on the Night Nurse mantle, Feige said:

“It’s just as much fun for us as it is for the fans to speculate about that.”

Hopefully, Night Nurse will be explored further in both Marvel's movies and television shows soon. In the meanwhile though, for those of you who can't wait to see more of Night Nurse, the character even makes an appearance in Lego Marvel's Avengers as a DLC in the All-New, All-Different Doctor Strange Character & Level Pack.


Would you be interested in seeing more of the Night Nurse?

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