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Superhero films have proved to be big money for studios over the last few years, and it seems like Disney and Marvel are banking on another big hit with the upcoming film Doctor Strange.

According to The Wrap, early tracking indicates that the film could be looking at an opening weekend worth somewhere between $60 and $75 million. This would put the film in the top 5 opening weekends for the studio this year, and between the 19th and 24th place for Marvel Comics movies overall.

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Despite not being as well known as some of the tent pole Marvel superheroes, there's a good chance that Doctor Strange will come in ahead of films such as Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor in opening weekend. Those two films both managed to pull in $65 million in their opening weekends back in 2011, a feat not out of reach for the Doctor.

The predictions for Doctor Strange, an original film based on a comic book character who is yet to be seen on the big screen (though has appeared in TV movies), show just how lucrative the comic book movie industry has become, and bodes well for future films such as Black Panther, Aquaman and Captain Marvel.

Doctor Strange [Marvel Studios]
Doctor Strange [Marvel Studios]

The prediction also seems to indicate that Disney's position as the 2016 studio to beat is no way in jeopardy, with Buena Vista (which consists of subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company) currently holding a 24% share of the market, having brought in $2.1 billion already in 2016. Take a look at the top 5 opening weekends for Disney movies so far in 2016:

  • Captain America: Civil War - $179 million
  • Finding Dory - $135 million
  • The Jungle Book - $103 million
  • Zootopia - $75 million
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass - $26 million
Captain America: Civil War currently has the best opening weekend for Disney in 2016
Captain America: Civil War currently has the best opening weekend for Disney in 2016

With the addition of Doctor Strange to that lineup it looks like Alice Through the Looking will be bumped from the top 5, which is largely to be made up of animated and comic book movies. Obviously a winning recipe for the studio, given that Doctor Strange will be followed by the hotly anticipated animated Disney princess film, Moana on November 23.

Doctor Strange arrives in cinemas on November 4

Will you be going to Doctor Strange on opening weekend?

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