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The Internet is full of superhero parodies and fan films, some short and sweet, and some much more in depth. Fan films / parodies vary from stop-motion LEGO movies, to animated twists on popular films (such as "How It Should Have Ended"), and to standard live-action versions.

While a lot of these fan films take unique twists, it is rare to find a fan film, or fan parody, that has both decent effects and a unique take on the original. Perfecting this balancing act is what makes Doctor Intoxicated such an enjoyable fan film.

Doctor Intoxicated reaches for a joint [Credit: The Fraudigy]
Doctor Intoxicated reaches for a joint [Credit: The Fraudigy]

Doctor Intoxicated, the 3-minute fan parody by "The Fraudigy," not only takes a unique twist on the Strange-est Marvel hero we've seen on the big screen, but also has some astounding effects that are seemingly up to movie-quality.

Doctor Intoxicated follows a nerdy comic-book lover who is sick of getting bullied as he receives the abilities of Doctor Strange...with the help of drugs and alcohol. It takes a clever look at the absurdity and psychedelia of Doctor Strange, comparing the effects and abilities of the film to the feeling of being intoxicated due to drugs (not that I would know personally, of course).

Aaron Reeder as Doctor Intoxicated [Credit: The Fraudigy]
Aaron Reeder as Doctor Intoxicated [Credit: The Fraudigy]

The more narcotics Doctor Intoxicated consumes, the stronger his abilities become. It's a unique and clever twist on our new favorite Marvel hero that actually changes the way we look at the film.

Check out the full video below:

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Doctor Intoxicated is short, sweet, comedic, and terrifically made. I watch a lot of fan films and parodies, but this one has left me surprised. The effects sold the final product for me. This wasn't just a joke about Doctor Strange and drugs: the fantastic effects made it essentially Doctor Strange in real life with a comic twist.

What do you think of Doctor Intoxicated? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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