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Warning: If you want to go in fresh to Doctor Strange, read no further!

If you were lucky enough, you were able to check out the big preview of Marvel Studio's upcoming film Doctor Strange last night. Many Creators here at Movie Pilot went to go check out the preview along with fans across the world at our local movie theaters and it is safe to say we were all blown away. Marvel showed off about 15 minutes, featuring many extended clips from the entire movie in IMAX 3D.

I was fortunate enough to go check out this preview along with a couple of friends of mine at our local Regal theater and we were absolutely astonished at the visuals of this movie. We were all excited to see how trippy this movie was going to be and now after experiencing it, we are counting down the seconds until 7:00 p.m. EST on November 3.

The fact that the preview for the movie was visually stunning is great but it's not surprising. The preview was supposed to show viewers how amazing Doctor Strange will look — especially in 3D! However, there was a lot of other specifics the preview revealed. One thing I took out of it was how detailed the screening got into the character arc of Stephen Strange and his transformation into the Sorcerer Supreme.

Stephen Strange Is Going to Undergo a Massive Character Arc

A lot of us comic book fans already know the origins of Stephen Strange. However, Either way, no one was exactly sure how they would portray this origin story on the big screen. Fortunately, after attending the preview for Doctor Strange, the answer for that question has become more clear.

In the preview, we see Stephen Strange interacting with other people before the car accident. He was a professional surgeon that made a boat load of money and only cared about himself. We see Stephen talking to his love interest, Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), and their conversation revealed that they used to date but now they are more on and off. At first, we all thought that McAdams' character was going to be a new love interest for Stephen Strange rather than have a history with his character. What seems like a minuscule detail will actually have a big effect on the story.

Stephen Strange Is An Arrogant, Selfish And Cocky Surgeon

We saw Stephen invite his ex-girlfriend, Christine, to an event where we would be receiving an award. She turned him down, stating that when they were dating, she had attended a ton of ceremonies where Stephen would be awarded something and most importantly, it was always about him and not their relationship, which Strange denied. This leads to the conclusion that Stephen and Christine split up because of how arrogant and cocky Stephen Strange is and that he didn't care for their relationship.

Strange's attitude in the beginning of the movie will be completely reversed by the conclusion. His character is very similar to Tony Stark where he has a lot of money and because of that, he takes everything for granted, including his money, expensive car, and his "magic" hands in which he loses in an almost-fatal car accident (which looked epic on screen).

Moments before then, you see his arrogant persona shine as he is turning down many cases to save people as he only chooses the one's that make his character look the best. All of this will come back to haunt him as after his car accident, he loses his job and money when his hands are broken and he will never be able to perform his magical surgical procedures ever again.

Stephen Strange Meets Magic

An "oh sh*t" moment from the preview.
An "oh sh*t" moment from the preview.

The preview continues on and shows a desperate and even suicidal Stephen Strange (looks like Marvel can go dark) endure a hefty journey to seek advice from the Ancient One. When he arrives, he is not impressed at first when the Ancient One shows him a bunch of pictures and diagrams in a book. This is where the cockiness in Stephen Strange rises to the surface as he begins to lash out on her stating that he used his last dollar to find her and that the pictures he was shown are something he could find in a gift shop. Then, he goes to touch and her and as a result, the image above happens.

After that, the Ancient One sends him on a "trip" of a lifetime where you see Doctor Strange travel through multiple trippy dimensions that are unexplainable; almost incomprehensible. You have to see the movie yourself to truly understand and experience the magical visual effects Doctor Strange brings to the table. When Strange is brought back to Earth, the Ancient One says "Is that something you can find in a gift shop?" and he automatically gets on his knees and pleas "Teach me" — an epic moment.

While parts of his ego may still be intact, his arrogance was instantly flushed away. His character is totally flipped upside down as he becomes a more humble and caring man who realizes there is more in this world to care for than just himself.

The world is in danger and it is up to Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, to save it from more selfish men such as Kaelicius who acts like Strange did previously where his actions are all activated from greed and selfishness. This is why Kaelicius is a great foe against Doctor Strange in this movie and after him, we can move onto the more juicy villains such as Baron Mordo and Dormammu.

Did you guys check out the Doctor Strange preview? If so, what did you think of it? Are you excited for the movie? Tell me below!


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