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Mild spoilers ahead for Doctor Strange, specifically its post-credits scene. You might wanna astrally-project yourself outta here until you've seen the film.

What's next for Dr. Stephen Strange? By the time his first solo movie is over, having eliminated the threat of and been named Master of the New York Sanctum (and therefore one of Earth's premier protectors from the darker aspects of the mystic arts), Strange is firmly established as one of the most powerful, and important, heroes in the .

But while his own future as a member of the Avengers is plenty interesting enough, it's Strange's relationship to a certain Asgardian which could come into play in the MCU soon and in a big way. The mid-credits scene features a fun meeting between the sorcerer and Chris Hemsworth's , in which Strange agrees to help Thor and Loki locate their father, Odin — but there's a catch. Once found, the Asgardians must leave Earth and return to their home planet.

Outside of Kevin Feige speaking in cryptic riddles and fucking with our minds, that's the closest thing to a confirmation we have that Doctor Strange will bring his unique brand of magic to Thor: Ragnarok. has been described as a wild road trip which takes place mostly off-Earth, but NYC set photos leaked a while ago, presumably meaning that the early half of the movie will feature Thor and Loki (wait, are they on the same side again now?) hunting Odin on Earth, in order to deal with the immense threat Hela (Cate Blanchett) presents to Asgard.

More than just a cool mid-credits scene (and far better than the underwhelming post-credits scene, in which Baron Mordo "goes bad" and the audience rolls its eyes), it seems to set up Thor: Ragnarok as the kind of Marvel movie we haven't had since Captain America: The Winter Soldier — a solo adventure which features a couple of sidekick heroes (Doctor Strange and Hulk in this case) whose personalities should compliment each other, without becoming a full-on Avengers-takeover.

Theoretically, Doctor Strange could become to Thor what Black Widow is to Captain America — a friend and ally who can help kick ass when necessary, without sharing quite the same moral compass or point of view about dealing with enemy forces. The two certainly had enough chemistry in the mid-credits scene, and Strange giving Thor free beer refills felt like the seeds of a long and fruitful bromance. I'm here for it.

Doctor Strange hits theaters this Friday, November 4 in the US.

Could Thor and the Doc make the MCU's quirkiest bromance yet?


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