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Six months ago the current Time Lord, Peter Capaldi, shocked the world by announcing he would be leaving Doctor Who after this year's Christmas special. But in true Twelfth Doctor style, Capaldi will leave the long-running BBC show in the best way possible. With his final season being a gripping and tense one, viewers can't wait to see Capaldi in action one last time before he departs the series and cedes the role of Time Lord to the new Thirteenth Doctor, to be played by Jodie Whittaker.

With the Christmas special being 's final episode, details regarding the episode remained confidential, until recently. The cast and crew of Season 10 attended San Diego Comic-Con, and during their panel presentation at Hall H, revealed exciting news about the special.

The Doctor Comes Face To Face With...The Doctor

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]
'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

David Bradley returned to Doctor Who to portray the First Doctor at the end of Season 10 in preparation for his adventure with Capaldi. Now, viewers will see Capaldi and Bradley team up in what is set to be an explosive Christmas special.

Capaldi's final episode, titled "Twice Upon A Time", will also see star in the episode as the Brigadier, a character fans will certainly know. Viewers are in for an even more special Christmas treat as the current companion Bill Potts, played by , will also return. Viewers believed Bill left Doctor Who in the Season 10 finale, however, fans were delighted to see her teased in the jaw-dropping trailer. Speaking about the upcoming Christmas special, Gatiss said:

"It's a Christmas episode without being overtly Christmassy. It's very happy-sad."

Capaldi's final episode is said to be set during World War I, and, of course, will be a tearjerker. With Mackie making one last return, it's set to be an even more heartwrenching finale for a Doctor and a companion who have grown to be beloved by fans. Speaking about her return and her time on , Mackie said:

"It's been such an amazing journey. It's such an incredible show and it's so well loved."

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]
'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

With Capaldi and Mackie both bowing out of the show, it was also confirmed previously that current showrunner would also be stepping down after this Christmas. Replacing him is the creator of ITV's Broadchurch, . Speaking about his era of Doctor Who, Moffat addressed the crowd with his usual deadpan, self-deprecating humor:

"It's time for somebody else to come in and have much better ideas than me. I will never again get to sit in a room of 7000 people I'm faintly irritating."

With the cast and crew of Doctor Who hyping up Capaldi's last ever episode, it's guaranteed Capaldi, Mackie and Moffat will go out with a bang.

Catch Peter Capaldi as the Doctor one last time on Christmas Day. What has been your favorite episode featuring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor? Sound off in the comments!


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