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Do you know what happens a month from today? If you're a fan of Doctor Who, you do: The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special episode, Day of the Doctor, is being simulcast around the world on television and in theaters. Think about the last time you tried to get more than three of your friends to agree on where to go for dinner, and you'll understand how much coordination is necessary to get every international television station that carries Doctor Who to juggle their scheduling to air it at the same time, not to mention getting movie theaters and cinemas in on the act.

But their toil is our gain, as, well, how awesome is this going to be?

To that end, has created an interactive map that plots every single theater that will be showing Day of the Doctor, along with a table of showing which stations in which countries will air the anniversary special.



For those who can't make it to a theater for the 3D showing, you can also watch it at home, seeing as how over 75 countries will be airing Day of the Doctor. Click the picture below to see the table of countries and which stations will be carrying the anniversary special:

I don't know about you, but I'm buying a ticket as soon as they go on sale. Allons-y!

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