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Peter Capaldi's replacement on the hit BBC series Doctor Who remains a mystery, though names like Kris Marshall and Tilda Swinton have been suggested to take on the iconic role of the Time Lord. Capaldi announced his resignation on live radio back in January. Ever since then, BBC has refused to comment as to who will replace him.

However, as expected, hardcore Doctor Who fans have taken to social media to speculate who they want to see fly the TARDIS and travel across time and space. A select few have suggested a certain actor to take over for Capaldi, and the contender may surprise you.

From Game of Thrones To Fortitude

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

The son of Fijian-Indian British Army soldier, Pramod Tikaram and Sarawakian mother Fatimah Rohani, Ramon Tikaram becomes the latest contender to potentially take on the legendary role on the Doctor.

Back in 1992, Ramon had a recording contract and released two singles, which were then followed by an album titled Chill and Kiss. Putting music aside, Ramon took on acting and landed a role on the BBC soap, EastEnders from December 2009 until April 2010. Tikaram portrayed the character Qadim Shah, father of Amira Masood. Tikaram decided to stick with acting, earning him a role in the gruesome HBO series Game Of Thrones in 2013. His role as Prendahl lasted two episodes before he was brutally murdered.

More recently, Tikaram has returned to screens in the Sky Atlantic series Fortitude, a psychological thriller series set in the fictional Arctic Norwegian settlement of Fortitude. Tikaram first appeared in the series when it began in 2015, when he played the character Tavrani Tavra. This year, Sky Atlantic renewed the show for a second series. Tikaram is expected to return.

Fans Are Calling For Tikaram To Replace Capaldi

'Fortitude' [Credit: Endemol UK]
'Fortitude' [Credit: Endemol UK]

Fans are now calling for the Singapore-born actor to replace outgoing Doctor for Series 11. Fans have expressed their opinions on Tikaram becoming the Doctor via social media, proving that he could be a strong candidate.

One Facebook user said they "could see it happening" that the BBC would chose Tikaram to grab hold of the Sonic Screwdriver. Another user said they suggested Tikaram to become the Time Lord "ages ago."

Om Twitter, fans expressed their thoughts by saying Tikaram would be a great Doctor.

It seems like many fans are keen to see Tikaram take on the role.

One fan pleaded the audio production company, Big Finish, to make Tikaram the Doctor ASAP.

Final Thoughts

If fans were to get the final decision as to who should replace Capaldi, it's clear that many would love to see Ramon Tikaram take on the time traveller. Let's face it: With Tikaram having the right tone, attitude and approach, it would be spectacular to see him become the Doctor.

Peter Capaldi bows out of Doctor Who this Christmas, where he will hand over to the new Time Lord — will it be Tikaram? Would you like to see Ramon become the Doctor in the future? Sound off in the comments!


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