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Christmas isn't Christmas without the iconic Time Lord making an appearance on our television screens. The annual festive special first started when Doctor Who was revived back in 2005. Ever since the first Christmas Special in 2005, the Doctor has annually picked up the Santa hat to battle his arch enemies over the years.

However, this year's Christmas season just got even better — the Doctor is hitting US cinemas. The upcoming special, "Twice Upon A Time," will be shown in a number of American theaters on the December 27. Fans won't be treated to just the special episode, as it will be followed by selected behind-the-scenes footage.

Twelve's Final Adventure

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]
'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

Back in January, current Doctor Peter Capaldi announced his departure from , causing fans to break down with shock and sadness. With 2017 flying by, fans can't seem to face the fact that it's almost time for the Twelfth Doctor to bow out of the show. It has been revealed that the Capaldi's final Doctor Who story will be a tale of hope and redemption because the Time Lord will refuse to regenerate.

On the other hand, this year's Christmas Special won't be all sad, as a number of familiar faces will return to see the fall of the Doctor.

Coming face to face with his very first incarnation, the Twelfth and the First Doctor are sure to offer something heartwarming to prepare fans for the moment of the Doctor's big regeneration. Joining the two Doctors will be former companion Bill Potts (played by Pearl Mackie). However, Potts was tragically written out of the show in the Season 10 finale to explore the universe with her crush, Heather.

Go Behind The Scenes

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]
'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

When the Twelfth Doctor's final battle comes to an end, those in the theater will be treated to a range of behind-the-scenes clips that explore how the festive episode was filmed, as well as a retrospective of Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat, who are both putting the show behind them this year.

Whie American Doctor Who fans are jumping with joy that they can see the Doctor on the big screen, UK fans are unsure if they will get the same experience.

However you view the what is expected to be emotional episode, it will be powerful, hard hitting and adventurous — whether you watch it on the big screen or not. US fans can buy tickets to see Doctor Who in theaters right here.

Final Thoughts

In just two months, the Doctor will embark on his final adventure in his twelfth incarnation. However, the Doctor's adventures are only just beginning, as Christmas 2017 will see the introduction of the show's very first female Doctor: Jodie Whittaker.

Will you be watching this year's Christmas Special in theaters? Sound off in the comments!

(Source: Radio Times)


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