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Finally, after months of feverish speculation and relentless guesswork, she's been found — yes folks, Jodie Whittaker is our 13th Doctor Who and quite frankly, she couldn't be more perfect. If you haven't yet seen the BBC announcement yet, here it is in all of it's glory:

Unsurprisingly, we can barely contain ourselves with the big reveal that the former Broadchurch star is soon to be hopping into the TARDIS to embark on an exhilarating gender-bending adventure as the next Time Lord. So, while we hold on for dear life amid all of this mania, here are a few essential facts about our wonderful leading lady:

1. Jodie Was Born In a Small Village In Yorkshire

Before realizing her passion for acting, little Jodie Auckland Whittaker lived a very low-key life with her parents in Skelmanthorpe, a village of approximately 400 people in West Yorkshire just outside Huddersfield.

There, her family still own a business that supplies protective film for windows and where her "lifers" — the name she gives her best friends — all still live.

2. She Graduated With A Gold Medal For Acting

From a young age, Whittaker knew that she wanted to become an actress, admitting that she "role-played all the time" and was a bit of a "weird kid." And after graduating from Shelley College near her hometown at the age of 16, Jodie moved down to London to attend the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, coming top of her class in 2005 with a gold medal for acting. In an interview with the Independent, she revealed:

"I got it for most improved, which basically means I was shit when I started and left not embarrassing the school."

Other Guildhall alumni are Orlando Bloom, Daniel Craig, Joseph Fiennes, Damian Lewis, Ewan McGregor and Harry Potter alumni David Thewlis.

3. Whittaker Made Her Name At Shakespeare's Globe

After finishing drama school, Jodie got her first acting gig with Shakespeare's Globe in London, where she performed in The Storm, a raucous Roman burlesque production. Following this, she went on to star in a number of other theatre projects before making her big move to prime time TV.

4. She's Married To American Actor Christian Contreras

The pair met at drama school — Contreras is also an actor and has starred in Snowden and Zero Dark Thirty — before going on to marry in 2008. Yet, despite that fact that both parties are leading quite high profile lifestyles in the entertainment industry, they try to remain are inconspicuous as possible, rarely talking about each other in interviews or posing for photographs.

Having said that though, Whittaker's desire for privacy didn't stop her from once admitting that her wedding to her husband was one of the best days of her life:

"I’m married to Christian, a fact that is probably on Wikipedia anyway. And I’m not going to deny I’m married, I wear a bloody wedding ring after all. We had a big wedding in Arizona – very attention-seeking, big dress, big guest-list kind of wedding. It was obviously in my top five days…"

Since, the couple have welcomed their first child into the world and starred in indie flick Adult Life Skills together:

5. She Counts Gemma Arterton As One Of Her Close Friends

The pair originally became close while working on BBC's adaptation of Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbvervilles. However, it was after they got together again for St. Trinian's — that mad 2007 comedy about a bunch of troubled school girls — that they really cemented their friendship.

6. Sorry, Social Media Is Not Her Thing

Prepare to have all your dreams of contacting your new Doctor shattered. That's because unlike many celebrities, Jodie isn't one to flaunt her fame and she can't be found posting on Facebook, tweeting or uploading selfies on Instagram. In fact, a few years ago she actually had to ask Twitter to shut down a fake account in her name:

"She was talking about walking her dog. I thought: I don’t have a dog. Really depressingly, they only had about 300 followers."

7. She's Got A Penchant For 'Obscure Chinese Documentaries'

Whittaker has previously described herself as an avid "film buff" and although she's admitted to loving a myriad of different genres, "obscure Chinese documentaries" are apparently pretty high up on that list.

8. She Was Once A Stand-In For Carey Mulligan

Shortly after graduating from Guildhall, Jodie once stood in for Carey Mulligan at three hours notice after she contracted appendicitis half way through the production of Chekhov's The Seagull at London's Royal Court in 2007. Recalling the anxiety-inducing experience, she said:

"I’ve never been so scared in my life, it’s like your worst nightmare, walking on stage and not knowing your lines. I got a phone call at 5pm. Can you do this? I was actually more concerned that I’d not had my tea. I was walking around starving and anxious that I didn’t eat and had to sit in a corset and was thinking, ‘I’m going to have a sugar low in a minute’. When we bowed I thought, ‘I don’t think I’m doing this again!’.”

9. Jodie Still Gets Nervous About Seeming Like A 'Total Imbecile'

Naturally, despite killing it at her dream profession, Jodie will always be the first to admit how nerve-wracking it can be to walk onto a set or stage. She's previously said:

"I always wanted to be an actress, from as long back as I can remember. It was finding out how that perplexed me. But, look, I am part of an amazing profession, I love my job – even if it is pretty scary at times, walking out on a stage or on a set and knowing that you could make yourself look a total imbecile."

When it comes to Doctor Who though, we have all faith that she'll be anything but.

Do you think Jodie Whittaker is the perfect choice for the Doctor?

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