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As I said in another recent article, trying to figure out what the heck is going on in Doctor Who just gives me a headache. I have a friend who claims it is the best TV show ever made, and maybe it is. But to me, it's like someone has put a perfectly good story into a blender, mixed it all up, and then thrown it onto television. It's madness.

This latest piece of information has just confused me even more. According to The List, someone is due to be killed off, well, maybe killed off. If you don't want to know who, then I suggest you stop reading now.

So, apparently it's River Song, AKA Melody Pond, who I think I've managed to figure out is in some way married to the Doctor. However, as with everything Doctor Who, it's not a normal matrimony. No, instead they occasionally meet each other in various time zones/crazy worlds. Seriously, Doctor Who makes 's Memento look positively simple. Anyway, it turns out some crew member has spied a tombstone with the words 'River Song' engraved on it.

Now, apparently River Song is already dead, or kind of dead, right? Her physical body has gone kaput, but her mind lives on in some kind of virtual reality simulation? Is that right? I don't know anymore. In any case there is the possibility that River Song, played by Alex Kingston could be getting written out of the next season.

But of course, as with everything Doctor Who, a simple grave stone doesn't mean she's fully dead, or still dead, or whatever her current status is. With all the timey-whimey stuff that goes on, there could just be another incredibly complex reason why that gravestone exists. But still the rumor is there. If you want to find out more about Doctor Who's and River Song's relationship why not check out this 'simple' infographic. It explains everything. I think...

Can this gravestone really mark the end for River Song? Let me know what you think below, but please for the sake of my feeble brain, keep it simple...


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