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Doctor Who is a bit of a serial monogamist. He gets seriously into someone for a while, but before long he'll get bored and kick them to the curb. I know it's more complex than this, but to the untrained eye that's what it looks like. I say "untrained" because I have never been able to get my head around Doctor Who. Several people have tried to explain it, but I just get more confused as a result.

Anyway, it looks like the Doctor will not be moving on from his current companion anytime soon. Currently he's shacked up in the TARDIS with Clara Oswin Oswald (played by Jenna-Louise Coleman). She seems to be a bit of a enigma, appearing across several time periods as different incarnations of herself (or so I've been told by a fan of the series, it makes no sense to me). While talking to The Evening Standard, the 26 year-old actress revealed she's not ready to disappear just yet. She explained:

...multiple Clara Oswin Oswalds have been confirmed for the 2013 Christmas special and series eight.

So, we'll definitely be seeing her well into 2014 and beyond. She will get a three month break from filming Doctor Who sometime in 2013. , who plays the eleventh Doctor, will be heading over to the US to appear in Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, Lost River.

Are you glad you'll be seeing more of Clara Oswin Oswald? Let us know below.


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