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Former Doctor Who showrunner and the man behind the show's revival, Russell T Davies, has confirmed that the Thirteenth Doctor has officially been cast by the BBC. This news comes months after the current Time Lord, Peter Capaldi, announced his departure to the world via BBC Radio, leading fans to start speculating as to who will take control of the iconic blue box.

Recently speaking at the LGBT awards alongside Andy West from Guys Like U, Russell T Davies was questioned about Capaldi's replacement and if the has settled on a new actor or actress. In response, Davies teasingly said, "I do know who it is." However, under strict BBC orders, Davies cannot give out any information whatsoever regarding the Thirteenth Doctor, and fans have to wait a little longer before they find out who the lucky person is.

The BBC has yet to comment when they will be revealing the new Doctor, but fans are expecting an announcement over the coming weeks due to annual Christmas Special going into production next week. But how will the BBC make the announcement?

Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor

'Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor' [Credit: BBC]
'Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor' [Credit: BBC]

On August 4, 2013, the BBC hosted a special live program called Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor, which saw Peter Capaldi revealed as the Twelfth Doctor on live TV and in front of a live audience, hosted by Zoe Ball and joined by special guests Matt Smith, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Bernard Cribbins.

It is expected that the BBC will once again make room for a special live broadcast shown on BBC One and BBC America where fans will be treated to the long-awaited announcement. The Thirteenth Doctor will make his or her debut appearance briefly in the upcoming Christmas Special when Capaldi will bow out. The replacement will properly take over in Season 11, which is expected to air in 2018.

Avoiding Spoilers!

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]
'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

Now, there are some slim chances that many fans will get a glimpse of the Thirteenth Doctor before the announcement and will be spilling the news the minute they find out. Here's how you can avoid those vital spoilers.

Avoid Twitter! Deep in the wonderful world of Twitter lies a thread titled DWSR. This stands for "Doctor Who Set Reports." The second fans see the BBC out on location filming, they will tweet a photo of it using the DWSR hashtag. So, please read the DWSR thread on Twitter at your own risk. Obviously, forcing you to stay off social media would be wrong, but reading spoiler threads and articles is totally your choice.

Final Thoughts

Whoever the replacement is, fans are sure to be divided, there's no doubt about that. But for now, Doctor Who fans have to wait just a tiny bit longer until the official announcement is made.

Peter Capaldi's final season continues on BBC One and BBC America every Saturday until July. What has been your favourite moment from Season 10 so far?


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