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Doctor Who isn't just known for its iconic characters, costumes and sets, but also or the spin-off shows that stand alongside the main show. In the past, fans of the science fiction show have been treated to numerous spin-offs, like K9 and Company, The Sarah Jane Adventures and more recently, Class.

As each week goes by, fans are treated to a new episode of Doctor Who on BBC One and BBC America. With Season 10 proving to get better and better every week, it's clear that the show won't be cancelled any time soon. With Season 10 going as planned, new information shows that Worldwide is rumored to be looking at creating an all-new spin-off show, which will air in-between each Doctor Who series. But what can this new spin-off consist of (if it is approved)?

It Could Be About Anything!

'Doctor Who' [Credit BBC]
'Doctor Who' [Credit BBC]

There is currently little information about this news; in fact, it's currently only a tweet sharing this rumor. This tweet was posted not long after the series finale of the current spin-off show, , in the UK, which also airs in the United States on Saturday 3rd June. So, has the BBC already archived Class for good and is giving something else a try?

This tweet has left fans speculating on what the rumored new spin-off could be about. Firstly, fans put pen on paper to work out if the new spin-off could be about Jenna Coleman returning as Clara Oswald, and Maisie Williams making a sensational return as the immortal Ashildr, so they could star in their own show after they flew off into outer space in their own TARDIS at the end of the Season 9 finale. However, with Jenna Coleman on a very tight contract with ITV at the moment, it seems a Clara and Ashildr spin-off is incredibly unlikely.

Secondly, fans wondered if the show could be about the legendary Paternoster Gang. The gang consists of Jenny, who is a human, Strax, who is a Sontaran, and finally Madame Vastra, the Silurian. The Paternoster Gang were first seen in the explosive episode "A Good Man Goes to War." Ever since then they have occasionally popped up to battle aliens and monsters alongside the Doctor. But, with the gang last seen in Season 8 in 2014, has the BBC finally decided to bring them back permanently?

Lastly, for all we know, the show could be something completely brand new, just like Class, which is set in Coal Hill School. A fresh and new spin-off show could be what the main series needs, only something more successful and informative — which Class currently seems to be failing at (American viewing figures will be used to decide if Season 2 will happen).

Final Thoughts

'Doctor Who' [Credit BBC]
'Doctor Who' [Credit BBC]

All we can do at this stage is await more news from the BBC to see the outcome of this rumor. As it stands, current showrunner Steven Moffat is departing Doctor Who, meaning he will have spar time to work on exciting new projects. Could it even be the return of the famous series ?

Doctor Who continues every Saturday until July on BBC One and BBC America. What has been your favorite moment from Season 10 so far?


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