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Alright, Whovians, turn in your Doctor Who fan cards right now, because you've all been trumped. Why, you ask? Because YouTube user John Smith has taken Doctor Who fandom, multiplied it by 10, raised it to the power of infinity + 1, then stuffed it all into a TARDIS and Sonic Screwdrivered it into oblivion.

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary Special, John Smith created a trailer. But not just any trailer. He created the trailer in both the 2D and 3D varieties, where you can either turn the 3D option off entirely, cross your eyes to intentionally blur your vision, or bust out your handy 3D glasses if you have a pair lying around. Check out the last two Doctors coming face to face:


He also included a very cool VFX breakdown of the shots he used to compile the trailer:

This represents about 3 months of sporadic compositing work and around 55 hours of rendering. To achieve the full stereoscopic 3D, each shot had to be rendered twice (a left and right eye) at slightly offset angles.


I get bored if it takes me, like, more than 2 minutes to find a good picture of Chris Evans to use for a Captain America article, and this guy spent three months of his life doing this. I can never complain about anything ever again.

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special weekend kicks off on Friday, November 22nd.

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