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So far we have seen a lot of Easter Eggs and references in Arrow, Supergirl and even Legends of Tomorrow. Those were a nice and subtle reference to our favourite Caped Crusader, but since Tyler Hoechlin played Superman on Supergirl we are all expecting Batman to appear in some way. can't just mess with the fans, and they keep referencing Batman and Batman-themed vigilantes. The first question all fans are asking is:

Will We Ever See Batman On The CW?

Batman [Credit: DC Comics]
Batman [Credit: DC Comics]

Since, Batman is a property, we barely have any chance of seeing the Caped Crusader appear on small screen. Then you've got Gotham, the Batman-prequel, in which we see how Bruce Wayne became Batman — the early years before he wore the cowl. Now, Arrow is a Batman-type character (they share similarities like having a mansion, are millionaires and fight to save the city).

On Arrow, we have numerous Batman villains, from Malcolm Merlyn to Deadshot. Arrow has basically used almost all of the Batman villains. We know that if the Dominators exist in this reality they could exist in other realities too. The same rule can be applied for Batman — if Batman doesn't exist on Earth-1, he could very well exist on Supergirl's Earth.

Finally, you have got the multiverse, in which there are infinite Earths that exist in the . Yet, the only closest thing was Mark Hamill's Joker-like character Trickster on Earth-3 in the episode "The Present." We have also had a hint that Batman exists on Earth-2.

In "The Darkest Places" Kara was talking about a vigilante:

"My cousin worked with a vigilante once … Tons of gadgets, lots of demons."

What Vigilante Was Kara Referring To In 'The Darkest Places'?

Kate Kane soars the city as Batwoman [Credit:DC Comics}
Kate Kane soars the city as Batwoman [Credit:DC Comics}

There are many heroes that fit Kara's description while talking about the Guardian, but since Maggie Sawyer is gay in the comics and on the TV show, we might have a chance to see Batwoman down the line. Since Maggie and Alex are gay in the TV show we could see Alex becoming the show's own version of vigilante herself. She works in the DEO (Department Of Extranormal Operations) and Alex has strong fighting skills. She could even get gadgets from her work — maybe tech-genius Winn could develop them for her.

The vigilante could also be Nightwing (Dick Grayson). Just like in the comics, they have worked together many times. Considering that Nightwing is Batman's protégé he fits the description. In addition, he has been trained by Batman himself. There are also numerous references to Arrow about Blüdhaven.

Maybe it could be The Dark Knight himself working with Superman. If Batman is introduced to the Arrowverse we can expect a rematch with the clash of ideologies. The only problem?

'Gotham' Is A Batman Prequel And Batman Is A DCEU Property

'Gotham' [Credit: Fox / Warner Bros.]
'Gotham' [Credit: Fox / Warner Bros.]

Now, assuming that Batman is off limits on , we might never have a chance of seeing Batman on screen. Additionally, what would be the point of developing a Batman prequel if we won't ever see Batman? We also don't know what timeline it is; Some of the things look like '80s or '90s. It's hard to know what timeline or what Earth it is set.

OK, now it's time for a fan theory: We know that Batman exists somewhere on Earth-1, Earth-38. When Harrison Wells opened the future newspaper it read: Wayne Tech/Queen Inc. Merger Complete. Therefore, Bruce Wayne is still young. When Bruce Wayne grows up he travels to Star City and then meets Oliver, which is when the Wayne Tech/Queen Inc. merger would happen. Not only would this connect the plot threads, but it also solves the problem of Batman coming to the CW.

Here's a sneak peak of what's to come on Gotham:

Now, on to the . Batman is a cash grab for the DCEU, yet directors likely won't give DCTV the same treatment. While the DCEU spotlights big-name superheroes, DCTV has made names for small characters like The Flash (played by Grant Gustin).

Whether it's the multiverse or time-travel shenanigans, the Caped Crusader exists somewhere out there. Whether or not we will see Batman on TV remains to be seen. One thing we know for sure is that if we have Superman then Batman can't be far behind.

Does Batman exist in the Arrowverse? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below!



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