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Cue the blood and don't skimp on the guts!

It sure seems that there is a resurgence in R-rated superhero films, especially since the success of the likes of and . Once a dirty word among the superhero filmverse, R-ratings mean big business nowadays, which will undoubtedly force the rest of the film studios to reevaluate their current slate of films.

Where Marvel is happy riding the colorful coat tales of Iron Man and a wholesome Tom Holland as Spider-Man, thanks to its Disney ties, could and be the latest film studio to take a slice of the action with a blood-soaked sword?

R Time Has Come!

[Credit: DC]
[Credit: DC]

We already know that a Lobo film is on its way, but it is yet to be confirmed whether the blue-skinned alien will secure that coveted R-rating. However, with a source close to DC apparently confirming that the pipe-dream may not be too far away, an R-rated Lobo could be a go-go. Talking to The Wrap about moving in more of a restricted direction, the source said:

“100 percent yes. With the right character(s)."

Consider our interest piqued. It certainly seems to be the way the tide is turning. In a survey conducted for movie site Fandango, it was revealed that 90% of those asked went to see James Mangold's Logan due to its violent tone, while 70% wanted more R-rated superhero films.

Currently, the tends to carry a PG-13, with upcoming Wonder Woman and Aquaman following suit, however, as the universe expands into villainous spin-offs, the opportunities are just too good to pass up on. So what if little Timmy can't go and see a Deathstroke spin-off, it is a gamble that DC and Warner Bros. eventually need to make.

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R You Sure?

T'he Dark Knight Strikes Again' [Credit: DC]
T'he Dark Knight Strikes Again' [Credit: DC]

Sadly, what most people really want to see will probably never happen. A full-blown R-rated Batman film could mean big business for the powerhouse, but is a risk they would be unlikely to take. The Burton era of films was particularly dark in its imagination, but it is a fine balancing act between being macabre for a reason, or sticking in a few Batman v Superman f-bombs for a 3-hour "Ultimate Edition." A Batman film that contains the warped mind of Burton's world, mixed with Frank Miller's graphic Batman stories, or the likes of Jeph Loeb's The Long Halloween, could be a box office killer!

Clearly, an R-rating is aimed mainly at one part of DC in particular: the dark underbelly of Gotham City. While it may be too late to go back and fix the problems of the past, the likes of Suicide Squad 2 or Gotham City Sirens could be perfect R-rated fodder. With Suicide Squad already established as a PG-13, it may be harder to turn the sequel for a more adult audience, but the Sirens can completely start afresh. Do it right and you could have a Kill Bill, female-first, blood-fest, but do it wrong and you could end up with The First Wive's Club (also a great film though).

Elsewhere, Chris McKay's Nightwing movie is another film ripe for the R-plucking, but in all likeliness, a villain-centric film akin to Deadpool would probably be the best bet. Could we see Joe Manganiello suiting up for his own Deathstroke spin-off after ? Just as long as we don't get an R-rated Joker-fest, then all should be well — look how the animated The Killing Joke went down!

Check out the trailer for The Killing Joke, and don't forget our poll below!


Do you think we should see an R-rated DCEU?

(Source: The Wrap) [Poll Image Credit: DC]


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