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Arrow Season 5 was easily the series's best season yet. With a great storyline, intense action and jaw dropping twists, the fifth season of the superhero TV show distinguished itself as a truly superb series. The fifth season also had a lot of memorable scenes and character moments, including the return of fan favorite Deathstroke. The character — played by Manu Bennett — was one of the highlights of Arrow's first season and morphed into a fearsome villain in Season 2.

After his defeat though, Deathstroke was unceremoniously written out of the show because people higher up the ladder had "other plans" for the character. These plans were revealed in August last year when Ben Affleck teased test footage of Deathstroke via Twitter. Shortly afterwards it was confirmed that Joe Manganiello would be playing the assassin in the upcoming solo movie. However, since then a lot has changed in the DC world, and now Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim's latest remarks may mean that Manganiello's Deathstroke is all but a distant dream.

Is Deathstroke Out Of The DCEU?

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros]

Talking to Collider, the showrunner stated that we'd be getting a two-episode arc next season and also talked about DC's decision to end Deathstroke's journey on :

"It was actually a function of... DC controls these characters, and we went through a period where DC was like, 'We've got plans for Deathstroke that don't involve Arrow.' That changed at the end of the year."

As Marc Guggenheim stated, DC indeed decided to have Arrow remove Deathstroke from the show, a decision that left many of the fans enraged. In fact, DC even made Arrow kill off other characters that it deemed "too important" — characters who were set to be part of upcoming DCEU films. Such was the case of Amanda Waller and Deadshot, whose Arrow counterparts disappeared just the movie Suicide Squad was being made.

That's why it was so surprising for fans to see Slade Wilson suit up again as Deathstroke in the Arrow Season 5 finale. So what does DC's sudden change of heart mean for Deathstroke's future in Arrow and in the DCEU? Probably two very different things.

Why Slade Wilson Wont Be In The DCEU

[Credit: DC]
[Credit: DC]

Let's recap Deathstroke's apparent involvement in DCEU movies, from Justice League to The Batman. Last year, Justice League director Zack Snyder offered fans a sneak peak into the movie by showing himself storyboarding a scene. If we look closely at the picture we can see that the man who seems to be talking to looks a lot like Lex Luthor. And since it's been all but stated that Luthor won't be ending up in the movie, this could mean that Slade Wilson was axed as well.

This scene possibly got excluded from because the filmmakers wanted to focus more on the Amazons, which seems fairly logical after the groundbreaking success of Wonder Woman. Another reason, though, could be that Deathstroke is being written out of DCEU altogether, with many believing that the new villain in the The Batman will be Penguin who will go on to replace Deathstroke's role in the film.

Another possibility is that DC has revised its stance on having multiple iterations of the same characters on TV and in movies. After all, the CW's shows — which have their own versions of Flash and Superman — have been a major force for DC helping them earn more than a billion dollars in revenue just last year. And with multiple Jokers set to inhabit the DC movie world, it seems likely that DC has simply decided to give more creative control to the showrunners of its TV world. This would mean that we will see more of the Slade Wilson that we know and love from Arrow, but it could also mean that the door is open for other characters from comics that were once deemed too high profile to enter the .

What do you think? Will Deathstroke's return open new doors for the Arrowverse? Who would you like to see? Comment Below!


Do We Need Deathstroke In The DCEU?

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