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Nicest guy in the world and star of CW show The Vampire Diaries, is known for his love of furry critters (even the grumpy ones!). A short time after kindly adopting his adorable stray dog, Nietszche, Ian found that his pooch was pregnant - with eight babies!

The dog just recently gave birth (look how cute the pups are!!) and answering the usual barrage of animal-based questions, Somerhalder has admitted that he's a bit of an animal hoarder! He revealed to WCCB News that:

"I hate furry things. I hate them. They're loud. They're obnoxious. They eat too much. They poop everywhere... No, they're amazing. Yeah, I rescued a dog. I found her two blocks from here. She'd already been hit and rolled by cars and fences. She was in bad shape. And so sweet and beautiful... I have six dogs in my living room and two cats. I think I'm officially a hoarder."

Skip to the 1.10 mark here to see the interview!

It's official: Ian Somerhalder is the most smolder-y pup daddy ever. And there are a lot worse things to hoard than cute little cats and dogs...right?

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