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(WARNING: The following contains potential — albeit entirely speculative — plot SPOILERS for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. Proceed with whatever level of caution the all-seeing Heimdall suggests to you is wise.)

Now, despite 's not being set to arrive until this coming November, we've actually been on the receiving end of quite a few plot reveals relating to the movie of late. From Hulk-related teasing to Doctor Strange-themed spoilers, it occasionally seems as though we know more about Ragnarok than any other upcoming movie.

That, however, doesn't mean that there isn't still a whole lot more to find out, especially if you're willing to look just below the surface. A perfect case in point?

Kevin Feige's Favorite Thor Panel Might Just Tell Us How 'Thor: Ragnorok' Will End

Specifically, that one, just above.

Y'see, that image was posted to Twitter a few weeks back by comic book legend Walt Simonson, whose work on the comic book back in the 1980s ranks up there with the very best of the medium. Which is neat and all, not least because Simonson's work seems destined to heavily influence the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. It's what came after, however, that was truly revealing. Specifically, this:

Yup, that's right. Marvel Studios head honcho just revealed that the panel above is "one of [his] favorite panels in comic history." Which might just tell us a whole lot more than it initially seems.

What Does That Image Actually Tell Us, Though?

'Thor #353' [Credit: Walt Simonson/Marvel Comics]
'Thor #353' [Credit: Walt Simonson/Marvel Comics]

Well, for one thing, it's a scene from "The Surtur Saga," one of the most acclaimed runs of Simonson's tenure on Thor, in which Thor, and team up to battle the fire-demon Surtur. What's more, the specific issue above ends with Odin and , still battling away, falling into an abyss (technically the chasm of Muspelheim), which promptly seals itself behind them.

Which, since Thor: Ragnarok seems destined to feature the gods of Asgard being drawn into a conflict with none other than Surtur, would seem to be an awfully coincidental issue for both Simonson and Feige to reference right about now. So much so, in fact, that it's surely worth considering the possibility that Thor: Ragnarok will, in fact, feature a scene very much like the one above, in which Thor, Loki and Odin put aside their differences and team up to battle Surtur.

'Thor #353' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'Thor #353' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Heck, it even seems plausible that we might see "The Surtur Saga" Odin-falling-into-an-abyss-centric ending come into play, with a noble sacrifice from 's All-Father setting up a brand new status quo for the Norse gods. A chance for Hopkins to go out on a high, comic book fans to geek out, and a movie named after the end of the world to actually permanently alter the ? That might be just what the ordered.

What do you think, though? Do you think Kevin Feige is teasing a key scene from Thor: Ragnarok? Let us know below!


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