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Matt Carter

Pass me a bucket to vomit into because things are about to get sickly. Despite being separated for a year, it seems that misses more than ever.

A source revealed to Hollywood Life:

Of course Rob misses Kristen. He misses her every single day.They had a lot of fun when they were a couple and they laughed a lot. What Rob misses the most about Kristen is her smile and the sound of her laughing. She has the most endearing smile to Rob.

Where's that sick bucket? No, forget about it, it's too late. I've vomited all over my legs and I'm not even sorry.

And who are these "sources" that seem to have the inside track on Pattinson's feelings? Does he have a rat in his circle of friends that has the gossip mags on speed dial, or is it in fact a load of old baloney.

I'm sure one day that this story will die (and I do understand the irony that me writing about this topic only increases the likelihood that it will linger like a bad smell), but at the moment it feels like that day will never come.

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