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Sarah Gibson

It's no surprise that is going to be hitting us in the near future, with Texas Chainsaw 3D having ripped up the box office with nearly $35 million. Apparently things are moving rapidly for the sequel, and casting for it might already be afoot.

According to Bloody Disgusting, an announcement was made on BBC Youth Radio in regard to the movie, stating that former stars and will be reprising their roles in the upcoming movie.

Not only that, we could be seeing appearances from ex-Disney star and British actor Tommy Hatto.

I haven't got a problem with ex-Hannah Montana star Linley. Just change the name of this movie and bring me more Leatherface! These remakes seem to be all about 3-D effects and fresh faces with nice white teeth. Bring back more old-school gore and I'm in!

Although we're only in the rumor stages here, does this casting get you excited for more Texas Chainsaw? Sound off in the comments. [[poll]]


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