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There is a ton of anticipation for Universal's The Mummy, which hits theaters this Friday. The Tom Cruise-led film will be the first instalment in Universal's Dark Universe, which will follow the likes of Marvel's Cinematic Universe and DC's Extended Universe, building a shared world of interlinking movies.

Admittedly, The Mummy has received a negative reception from critics, not to mention stiff competition from Wonder Woman. However, if you wish to make up your own mind and venture down to a cinema yourself, then you're probably wondering if the first instalment of the instalment will include an end credits scene, much like the films of the MCU.

'The Mummy' Does Not Have An End Credits Scene

Fortunately for those with the smallest of bladders, the answer to that question is: no. You don't have to stay in your seats when the credits begin to roll, because does not have an end credits scene. During an interview with IGN, director Alex Kurtzman explained the reasoning for the lack of a credits scene:

No, no, that's Marvel's domain. So render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. Maybe it'll feel more appropriate down the line, as the universe builds itself. I don't think any of us wanted to be accused of ripping off what they did so well."

Considering how The Mummy is being used to launch the Dark Universe, this certainly comes as a surprise. Like many others, we assumed that Universal would use this opportunity to set up their next big monster movie. Having said that though, Kurtzman has a point; post credits scenes have indeed become synonymous with the films of the MCU, so we can understand why he made this decision.

The Mummy hits cinemas on Friday. Will you be heading to the theaters to see the first instalment in the Dark Universe? Tell us in the comment section below.

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