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DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television recently announced a few details about the highly-anticipated third season of Young Justice. There is still a lot that's kept secret for now, so fans are left to speculate what exactly the synopsis and subtitle might mean for the season. Could the producers be drawing their inspiration from particular stories in the comics?

The third season will be titled Young Justice: Outsiders, and the synopsis is as follows:

The team faces its greatest challenge yet as it takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy.

Here's what looks familiar:

3. The Outsiders

The Outsiders is the name of a lesser-known team from Comics. The inaugural team consisted of Batman, Black Lightning and some original characters, including Katana. They were less popular heroes (except for Batman) who didn't fit in with the Justice League, and thus formed their own group.

[Credit:: DC Comics]
[Credit:: DC Comics]

A later incarnation of the team was led by Nightwing and Arsenal, two major players of the series. This group of Outsiders proactively hunted dangerous criminals, which doesn't sound too different from the black-ops role that the Team has in Young Justice.

In addition to Nightwing and Arsenal, the team has Static, who has similar powers as Black Lightning. Perhaps we'll see some new characters, like a younger version of Katana, Terra (the sister of Outsiders member Geo-Force), Thunder (Black Lightning's daughter), or Jade (Green Lantern's daughter), each of whom were Outsiders, save Terra, who was a Teen Titan.

Perhaps, instead of the characters, the season will be more about the role the team plays. While many of their missions were previously designed to gather information for the League, maybe now they will be tasked with taking down threats before they begin. Or, maybe there will be a rift between the Team and the League, making the Team, well, outsiders.

2. Human Trafficking

We already saw metahuman trafficking in the second season of Young Justice, so next season might expand upon that. The plot could also draw from a specific storyline from The New Teen Titans. The animated version of Young Justice is, after all, a blend between the original comics versions of Young Justice and the Teen Titans.

During its peak, The New Teen Titans had a story-arc called "Runaways". In it, various adolescents who had run away from home were brought into a drug ring and manipulated. These two issues serve as a prologue to "The Judas Contract," which itself has some kidnapping involved. "The Judas Contract" is the most notable story arc from that series, and one of the best story arcs in all of DC Comics.

[Credit:: DC Comics]
[Credit:: DC Comics]

Could Season 3 draw upon elements of "The Judas Contract"?

1. Galactic Arms Race

Season 1 saw the Team uncover a plot by the Light to capture and enhance technology of various sorts:

  • The Kobra-Venom serum
  • Advanced robotics
  • New Genesis weaponry

Maybe the serum will come back into play with the "genetic arms race" of Season 3.

'Young Justice' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Young Justice' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

We can also expect that Darkseid will play an important role, as we saw him in Season 2's epilogue. Since he has ties to New Genesis, their weaponry might make a return as well.

While some of the show's early episodes appeared to be almost standalone, the villains' actions in almost every episode of them were revealed to be interconnected by the Season 1 finale. Young Justice's writers know how to play the long game, so it's possible that much of what we've already seen was a setup for Season 3 all along.

If you know any particular storylines from DC Comics about genetic arms races or about Earth getting caught in a crossfire, let us know about them in the comments below.

Stay tuned for more updates on Young Justice: Outsiders.

What do you think could be the narrative for Young Justice Season 3?

(Sources: Warner Bros.)


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